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Steep Extreme DLC Pack Available Now, Watch the Trailer


Steep Extreme DLC Pack Available Now, Watch the Trailer

The Steep Extreme DLC pack is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $9.99. The DLC is included with the Gold Edition and Season Pass subscribers.


3 New Sports:

  • Rocket Wings : Explore the mountains with this incredibly high speed device
  • Base Jumping : Take exploration to higher stakes
  • Speed Riding : Previously impossible lines are now yours to create

– Brand new challenges

– Exclusive new customisation items


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  1. ?I'm confused....base jumping was already part of the game, no?  Seems like pretty weak DLC for $10 honestly.
    Meanwhile the snowboarding is still light years behind Infinite Air, which I think was like $30 at launch.
    ski paragliding and jet packs.  you jumped off ramps before. You can jump off anything now.  I like infinite air a lot but you can't look at STEEP like that. So much more to it. Its like saying GTA isn't as good a golf game as the Golf Club. You can golf in GTA sure but its not its focus. Infinite air is a snowboard simulation and STEEP isn't at all trying to simulate anything. Its a winter sports playground. Both are great for what they are in my opinion. 
    As for being worth the money as DLC I can't comment on the way others value things but I would gladly pay it but I got the season pass so  I didn't have too. 
    I feel you man, and your GTA comparison is a good one.  I just couldn't possibly care less about rocket packs or ski paragliding, and I feel that it's a bit misleading to advertise the base jumping as something new.
    The Alaska DLC is free at least right?  I haven't played since probably like January I'm guessing.
    Alaska is free. I find it hard to care about STEEP right now being its summer, but I think in the fall I will enjoy the new sports. The Olympics DLC is the one I think looks the most significant. 

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