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First NBA Live 19 Screenshot

NBA Live 19

First NBA Live 19 Screenshot

Check out the first screenshot from NBA Live 19. We should hear and hopefully see more later today, during the EA first looks, scheduled for 2:00 PM EST today.


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  1. Muscle definition looks good again. Hakeem testament to that
    I fathom a guess that people will be allowed to choose between playing as a female/male online. I wonder if that has any input with The One?
    Outside of that, I love that you can play around the world now
    Hopefully they show the game at the EA presser next week. I doubt it though.....

    EA Play is actually tomorrow (Saturday) so we’ll be getting a trailer at the minimum.
    EA Play is actually tomorrow (Saturday) so we’ll be getting a trailer at the minimum.

    Trailer during EA press conference and we're out in fanfest again. Looking forward to all the reactions.
    I like the art style. Not sure if EA has said anything or not but the dude with the afro and EA tank top looks like Stretch from streets.

    It is stretch . He was in live 18
    Actually ive been hearing thats actually either Brazil, the Dominican Republic or even the Philippines. Heard they also got locations in Paris and other familiar places.
    Brazil? Always liked Lives no issue there. I'm getting NBA street vibe....
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    Nah its still Live's streetball, just that location is there, which you kinda forget about pretty quickly when playing.

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