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FIFA World Cup Now Available in FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile

FIFA World Cup Now Available in FIFA Mobile

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has arrived for FIFA Mobile on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. From now until August 1st, players can select from 32 qualified nations and 16 non-qualified nations to play alongside the world’s largest football event.

Chase football glory by playing several new FIFA World Cup™ modes created for players worldwide! In the conquest for national pride, players can assemble their starting XI and lead their favourite nation to victory. During the FIFA World Cup™, players can take their chosen qualified nation through a unique World Cup Campaign or their non-qualified nation through a seperate Road to FIFA World Cup™ Campaign. Battle head-to-head in VS Attack through both real world and fantasy matches and strategize in Squad Building Challenges to earn rewards!

Matchups are also coming to FIFA Mobile during the FIFA World Cup. This puts player knowledge to the test and challenges them to make accurate match predictions to unlock rewards.

Play through unique modes and maps, unlock regional rewards, and chart your path to FIFA World Cup™ glory. Play as any of the 32 qualifying countries, and test your national team’s wits against players from all over the world with thrilling VS Attack matches and tournaments, and take part in an exclusive mode featuring nations that fell short of qualifying, like Italy and the U.S. Strategically form lineups to earn meaningful rewards for your team with Squad Building Challenges. Predict the results of real-world FIFA World Cup™ matches, and choose correctly to earn rewards, train your players and level up your team. As an added bonus, purchase packs in the FIFA World Cup™ program and receive equal value for your core Ultimate Team.

Develop the most competitive squad when you choose any 11 players from over 550 real teams, including stars from past and present, and train them to over 100 OVR. Add depth to your roster, manage your lineup on the fly, and quickly tweak tactics before every match. Make the right calls and watch your club become the Ultimate Team.

Take on thrilling matches that drop you into your offensive possessions with VS Attack mode. This innovative level of competition kicks your game into high gear while you strive to dominate 90-second matches, climb the leaderboards, and earn seasonal rewards year-round.

Stay connected to real-world soccer as it happens across the globe. Test your skills in single-player Campaign mode, then challenge yourself with uniquely themed Events where you can earn incredible prizes.

A truly social experience that allows you to join forces and strive for glory with friends and gamers around the globe. Test your soccer skills in inter-league championships, or take on the best gamers worldwide in League vs. League Tournaments to climb the leaderboards and prove your talent on the pitch.

An immersive new experience rolling out weekly, Squad Building Challenges lets you strategically build different line-ups to earn amazing and meaningful rewards for your Ultimate Team. Take it one step further and carry these specific squads through VS Attack Tournaments all weekend long for even more great rewards.”

What’s new in the update…

Play the FIFA World Cup™ available now, until August 1, 2018. Build a national team, take on the world, and earn great rewards. With this update, you can:

  • Compete against other FIFA World Cup™ teams to chase soccer glory
  • Play as teams that fell short of qualifying in Road to FIFA World Cup™
  • Predict the results of real-world matches to earn rewards
  • Battle head-to-head in VS Attack matches and tournaments to climb the leaderboard
  • Strategize in Squad Building Challenges to earn rewards for your national team

As an added bonus, purchase packs in the FIFA World Cup™ program and receive equal value for your core Ultimate Team. Experience the exciting update that brings the world’s largest sporting event to life!

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