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FIFA Online Career Mode to Come Soon?

Online career mode fifa rumor


FIFA Online Career Mode to Come Soon?

If you’ve been following us on Operation Sports over the years, you’ll know high among the list of features and modes we’d like to see added has been an online career mode. Year after year, fans of the series have clamored for the popular career mode to make its appearance online. In other words, in a mode that allows you to play career mode, with all its bells and whistles, online with your mates. Other AAA sports titles, such as EA’s own Madden as well as NBA 2K, have had this mode for years now. Even going back as far as NCAA Football 2011, you could find a way to play that dynasty mode online with friends. Are we nearing the inclusion of this fun mode in FIFA 22?

Let’s take a look in our crystal ball!

NCAA Football online dynasty

Are We Getting Online Career Mode In FIFA 22?

Eh, we’re not sure about that just yet. If I had to guess, I would say no it won’t be this year. However, some FIFA enthusiasts have recently done a little digging on EA’s website under “Careers” and have noticed that EA is looking for an Online Software Engineer to help with the creation and development of an online career mode.

I’m no psychic, but from the job description posted above it appears that EA is actively recruiting engineers for an online career mode, among other online modes and systems. I perhaps don’t expect an online career mode this year simply because they’re looking for assistance with that mode while FIFA 22 is already relatively deep in its production cycle.

Regardless, while career mode has become a bit stagnant over the years, an online career mode would inject some much needed life into the series, offering its loyal single-player consumers an avenue to take their managerial prowess online.

Perhaps the complexities of soccer, specifically schedules, have made it difficult for EA to take this mode online. Throw in a transfer window that remains open for months on end, and you can understand how difficult it could be to take this mode online. Despite the technical challenges that EA faces, it’s clear from the response of this job posting that FIFA fans, including myself, desperately want this to happen. With so many frustrated with EA’s recent FIFA efforts, this could be a great chance for FIFA to take advantage of its superior technical architecture and breathe some needed life into the series.

How excited would you be for an online career mode?


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  1. electrickeeper
    *praying hands emoji*

    As soon as I wrote that I thought of the leagues you run. It would make like sooooo much easier for you lol
    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    As soon as I wrote that I thought of the leagues you run. It would make like sooooo much easier for you lol
    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Man, I know EA doesn't care about my quality of life, but I'd probably buy a couple batches of FIFA points as a show of appreciation. :D
    Cynically I wonder if EA thinks Pro Clubs (or whatever) is online career mode lol. The way they worded it makes it seem like it's already in the game.
    Whatever this means, think it's safe to say it's not going to be in the game anytime soon if they're *just* hiring people for it now. I'll stick to spreadsheets
    I would only appreciate an online CM if you were randomly assigned another OCM player as your opponent. Ideally by using an algorithm that selects an opponent with a similar team strength and league table position.
    THAT would be a career mode that could be fun again.

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