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FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Features Drop-Ins with Friends, Perks, Archetypes, Female Virtual Pros & More

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FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Features Drop-Ins with Friends, Perks, Archetypes, Female Virtual Pros & More

The latest Pitch Notes has provided details on the new features coming to FIFA 22 Pro Clubs. It will be much easier to play online with friends with the new Drop-In feature, allowing players to squad up with 4 friends or recent teammates. You can also play with friends from other Clubs without leaving your own. Drop-Ins will also feature exclusive kits.

Players can earn XP in all matches, except for practice, with a max level of 25. Your actions during the match and your match rating will contribute to your final XP for that given match. After each match, players can view a summary, breakdown and the total of XP earned.

Similar to previous years, players can earn XP, level up and be rewarded with Skill Points to customize your player and play style. In FIFA 22, you can further customize your Virtual Pros with Perks and Archetypes.

Perks are a new way to improve your Virtual Pro, allowing you to refine your Play Style further.

FIFA 22 allows players to improve their Virtual Pro and refine their Play Style even further with Perks.

Every Virtual Pro starts with one Perk Slot unlocked, which can be filled with one of 3 starter Perks. From there, you’ll earn at least one new Perk per level, and you’ll unlock additional Perk Slots at level 9 and level 19. This means that when your Virtual Pro reaches its max level, you’ll be able to choose from up to 26 different Perks to equip in your 3 Perk Slots.

Archetypes have been added to FIFA 22 to add significant Attribute increases. These help create, customize and secure your Virtual Pro’s identity on the pitch.

Archetypes are acquired through Skill Points, made available at the end of a skill tree branch. You can equip up to 3 Archetypes, depending on how you decide to allocate your Skill Points.

Also of note, players can create a male or female Virtual Pro. Make sure to tune in tomorrow as Kevin will have his 9 million word feature on FIFA 22 Pro Clubs.

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