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FIFA 20 FUT: Team of the Year Defenders and Goalie

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FIFA 20 FUT: Team of the Year Defenders and Goalie

With the midfielders in the books, the team of the year defenders is the last set of players being released. We still have the fan vote to come, but the full set of players is more or less out there now in FIFA 20 FUT.

(Spoilers, Liverpool owns this category.)

Team Of The Year Defenders – Costs

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  • Starting with the main event, 99 overall Virgil van Dijk is going for between 4-5 million coins on PS4, according to FUTBin. He has been respected all year as a top-tier CB — perhaps the best in the game — and this solidifies that role for the rest of the season.
  • Matthis de Ligt is a 96 overall, and he is going for about 1 million coins so far.
  • Coming in with Liverpool’s second player here, Trent Alexander-Arnold is going for about 1.2-1.3 million coins.
  • Andrew Robertson is on the other side of the Liverpool defense, and he’s at about 900K right now.
  • Lastly, we have Alisson in net, and he’s going for 500-550K.

These players don’t have the hype of the other two sets — perhaps because one team owns the category — but these are all obviously great cards.

Upgrade SBCs

The upgrade SBCs that came out are interesting to think about as well. They are for the four main leagues and break up into two categories: getting three rares in a 12-gold pack for that league, and getting three golds with one being rare in the smaller version of the pack.

In the New Year’s version of the league upgrade, the requirements are:

  • 11 rare players
  • 11 gold players
  • Minimum 45 team chemistry

At that point, you get a pack of 11 gold players (3 rare). All the players will be from the league you specified (EPL, Ligue 1, La Liga or Bundesliga).

In the standard league upgrade pack the requirements are as follows:

  • 11 gold players
  • Minimum 30 team chemistry

The cost is cheaper here with no rares needed, but the reward is lighter as well. The same deal applies where all the players in the pack will be from the league specified.

This is one of those things where you could do this SBC a bunch of times and sit on the packs until a promo is going that you like. Chances are you won’t get what you want still, but it’s an interesting concept. I like the general idea here with this SBC.

Team Of The Year Midfielders Puzzle SBC

team of the year challenge

This puzzle SBC with give you a Mega pack. The pack is untradeable, which sucks. At the very least, the challenge is not very hard to cobble together.

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