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FIFA 20 FUT: Player Moments Kimmich Has New Work Rates

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FIFA 20 FUT: Player Moments Kimmich Has New Work Rates

FUT Player Moments Kimmich is the newest player to hit FIFA 20. The interesting element to this Kimmich is his new (improved) work rates that will really help him stand out. It’s good to see the FIFA developers remembering to alter things like work rates and weak foot/skill move star ratings as of late. It really started with Future Stars, but changing the components of a player beyond his ratings are really what help to separate new versions of these cards.

FUT Player Moments Kimmich

fut player moments kimmich

Price: About 200-210K, according to FUTBin

Quick Analysis: So Kimmich’s low defensive work rate has been swapped out for high, which means Kimmich now has high-high work rates. When you tie this together with 98 stamina, it’s quite the box-to-box midfielder or defensive-minded midfielder. He’s perfect in plenty of two-CM setups now, and he’s one of the premiere Bundesliga options. If you’ve already been working through the Verstraete player objectives, then you can team team these two up and make Kimmich more of the box-to-box midfielder of the two.

All in all, I love the value here, and you’re getting a very good passing midfielder who cane really control the pace of play on both ends.

FUT Shapeshifters Puzzle SBC

fut shapeshifters puzzle sbc

Price: 6-7K

Reward: Rare Players pack (Untradeable)

Quick Analysis: So many untradeable packs lately, but one is at least good value for being untradeable.

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