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FIFA 20 FUT: More Winter Refresh Updates for Player Objectives and a League SBC



FIFA 20 FUT: More Winter Refresh Updates for Player Objectives and a League SBC

The Winter Refresh updates continue with another Player Objectives card being upgraded, and we got a La Liga league SBC addition as well. This all comes in conjunction with a new puzzle SBC.

Winter Refresh Verstraete


Bundesliga Anchor – Two Players pack

  • Assist using Verstraete in 6 separate Rivals wins with 11 Bundesliga players in your squad

Joining the Attack – Two Players pack

  • Score 2 goals in Rivals using Verstraete

Threading the Needle – Two Players pack

  • Assist 5 goals with through balls in Rivals using Verstraete

These challenges don’t become unlocked until you get the initial Player Objectives Verstraete. This card was not as hotly pursued as someone like Politano, but now you know the end goal.

Speaking of Politano, I did not post his updated objectives yesterday, so let me do that now:

fut winter refresh player objectives

Ace Attacker – Two Players pack

  • Score a goal using Politano in 6 separate Rivals wins with 11 Serie A players in your starting squad

Speedy Crosser – Two Players pack

  • Assist 7 goals with a cross in Rivals using Politano

Finesse Winger – Two Players pack

  • Score 3 finesse goals in Rivals using Politano
La Liga League SBC Gets Third Player

fut winter refresh la liga splash

As promised, we are getting a third player added to the league SBCs. Next up is La Liga with Atletico Madrid’s Correa.

fut winter refresh la liga correa

As of today, the price to do this SBC is hovering around 230-260K, according to FUTBin. Of course, you’ll get some packs back while doing this league SBC as well. Correa has four-star skills and weak foot, and you do not need to do the other two SBCs to be able to do this Winter Refresh version.

Winter Refresh Puzzle SBC

fut winter refresh puzzle sbc

Reward: Gold Players pack

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