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F1 Mobile Racing Update Adds New Physics System, New Events and More


F1 Mobile Racing

F1 Mobile Racing Update Adds New Physics System, New Events and More

Codemasters has released update #11 for F1 Mobile Racing on both iOS and Android devices, adding a new physics system, new events and more.

The new physics are deeper, more challenging, and more reactive to the changes you make in R&D. Different track archetypes will require separate setups, and there’s a greater focus on driver ability. Players will be required to master braking points and manage entry speeds to be able to piece together the perfect lap.

There are three base archetypes that players should keep in mind when creating a new setup: Balanced, High Downforce, and High Top Speed. Follow in the footsteps of a real world F1 team approaching any race weekend, by determining which archetype a track falls into, then perfect the setup to get the best time possible. 

On March 6, you can enter the new GP Event, the Pre-Season Testto test out a trifecta of tracks that will demand different R&D setups to top the ranksCircuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaAutodromo Nazionale Monza, and Marina Bay Street Circuit. Earn amazing rewards, including both Parts and Credits, and help shape the future of F1 Mobile Racing. 

Read more on the F1 Mobile Racing update at the official website.

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