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F1 Mobile Racing Adds Rear-View Camera, Improved AI & More - Patch Notes


F1 Mobile Racing

F1 Mobile Racing Adds Rear-View Camera, Improved AI & More - Patch Notes

EA has added a rear-view camera in the latest update for F1 Mobile Racing, enabling players to focus on what’s ahead while defending themselves from an opponent overtake.

Chassis parts can now be purchased from the shop as part of daily offers to help players improve their official cars and maximize their potential. Players on medium-end devices, such as iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S series, can now select to lower their graphic settings to optimize the game’s performance.

Balancing changes have been made to Career Car Wear and Quick Repair amounts, these changes increase both the rate in which a players car wear increases in races and increases the amount quick repairs will reduce the car wear by.

Check out the patch notes below. For more details, check out the official blog.

  • Fixed numerous issues with career missions
  • Fixed issue where career requisites marked as claimable were not completed after a reboot
  • Fixed issue where rebooting shortly after skipping a career season would not correctly skip the season
  • Fixed issue where requisites that required a player to upgrade a team chassis did not work retroactively
  • Fixed issue where pressing the retry button in quick succession would cause an error
  • Fixed issue where a white image would appear on a track loading screen
  • Fixed issue where “Press start to skip cinematic” text was present when using a controller
  • Fixed issue where some challenges do not consider requirements player had already met
  • Fixed issue where mini map option was stuck set to “enabled”
  • Fixed issue where mini map button would be unresponsive after changing the setting in a race
  • Fixed numerous visual issues on Canada track
  • Fixed issue where upgrading a chassis part would count towards the upgrade a performance part challenge
  • Fixed issue where controls were not shown when connecting a controller
  • Fixed issue when pausing while on a rumble strip would cause continuous vibration
  • Fixed issues with Zandvoort Circuit
  • Fixed issue where AI would slow down before the finish line during event qualifying
  • Fixed issue where selecting to load a cloud save would not force a restart
  • Fixed rare issue when returning from a duel no audio was present
  • Fixed issue where team panel in career could become misaligned
  • Fixed issue where career car wear would increase if the player remained inactive on the
    pre-race screen

Additional Improvements

  • Balancing tweaks have been made to Car Wear and Quick Repair amounts in Career Mode
  • Added option for medium devices to lower quality settings for a better performance
  • Improvements to AI difficulty in higher leagues
  • Improvements to numerous assets loading times
  • Main Menu performance optimisation
  • Improvements to Career UI

F1 Mobile Racing is free to play on on iOS and Android devices.

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