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F1 Mobile Racing Adds Career Mode, Gameplay Improvements and More

f1 mobile racing

F1 Mobile Racing

F1 Mobile Racing Adds Career Mode, Gameplay Improvements and More

A new update for F1 Mobile Racing has added career mode, gameplay improvements, tweaks and optimizations. The update also introduces Pro Leagues, a highly competitive PVP mode where players compete to earn monthly exclusive rewards and stand out from the rest of the grid.

Check out the patch notes below.

  • Fixed issue where player couldn’t upgrade a chassis part without owning the car
  • Fixed exploit where pausing during a Duel could result in a win
  • Fixed issue where Arabic language could not progress through on-boarding
  • Fixed issue where selecting to open a Box too quickly could result in soft-lock
  • Fixed issue where losing connection during a Duel could cause soft-lock
  • Fixed issue where suspending app during an Event would cause soft-lock
  • Fixed issue where player’s car could be launched into the air
  • Fixed localisation for unsupported device pop-up
  • Fixed perpetual load that occurred when player selected a cloud save
  • Fixed issue when skipping the same Challenge twice would crash the game
  • Fixed issue where “purchase official car” Challenge did not complete if the player already owned an official car
  • Fixed issue where players’ previously selected Chassis was not saved for each track
  • Fixed lighting in Circuit de Monaco
  • Fixed issue where Showdowns would count towards a player’s Duel win streak
  • Fixed issue where players’ leaderboard position in Events was not viewable
  • Fixed issue where players could not select ‘setup’ on an already equipped chassis
  • Fixed issue where rival players’ Level would always be 1 in Duel
  • Fixed numerous Challenges not correctly tracking & completing

Additional improvements:

  • Tweaked AI difficulty balance in higher Leagues
  • Improvements to corner cut penalties and detection
  • Improvements to collision penalty consistency
  • Balanced penalties for both Light and Hard contact penalties
  • Added skip button when receiving rewards & opening boxes
  • Improvements to matchmaking balance and competitiveness rules to find better matched opponents
  • Improvements to low-end device quality & lighting
  • Improvements to Event UI
  • Added additional helmets for in-race use

F1 Mobile Racing is free to play on on iOS and Android devices.

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