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Every NBA 2K Intro Video Ever, Courtesy Video Games Evolution

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Every NBA 2K Intro Video Ever, Courtesy Video Games Evolution

Sports game intros are becoming a bit of a lost art. We have MLB The Show still putting them together — even sometimes multiple versions in a year now — but NBA 2K has moved away from them in recent years. I find this odd on some level because 2K generally makes some of the best hype videos in the sports game space. The Momentous videos are still killer year after year, so why not even just slap those in the game? Regardless, Video Games Evolution has all the NBA 2K intro videos here that run up to the final intro with NBA 2K17.

NBA 2K intro videos do not have the same long-lasting appeal in my mind as some of the best Madden intros. However, it’s fun to see the evolution of them as they go from using real NBA clips to using 2K clips to then just going in a weird animated direction for NBA 2K16.

Maybe 2K stopped making intro videos after NBA 2K17 because they finally just looked at the metrics and noticed no one watches the video after the first time they see it. Maybe they removed it to save a little extra space on the disc, but I somehow doubt that one considering the large amount of space most 2K patches take up. Whatever the case may be, I hope we get the return of NBA 2K intros when we head to next-gen consoles later this year.

What’s your favorite NBA 2K intro of all-time?


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  1. I really miss the intros with the real highlights clips...those really got me hyped. Sports games should revisit that concept.
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