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eFootball PES 2020 Patch 1.08 and Data Pack 4.0 Available Now - Patch Notes Here


eFootball PES 2020

eFootball PES 2020 Patch 1.08 and Data Pack 4.0 Available Now - Patch Notes Here

Konami has released eFootball PES 2020 game update 1.08 and Data Pack 4.0 today. Data Pack 4.0 includes over 50 new player faces and new boots from Nike, Puma, Umbro, adidas and New Balance.

It also includes 8 new legends and updates to Campeonato Brasileiro Série A & TOYOTA Thai League clubs, along with kits for the Brazilian league’s new season.


Check out the official eFootball PES 2020 patch notes below.

Updates and Additions

  • New season data for Campeonato Brasileiro (Brazil) implemented. Includes league promotions and relegations.
  • New season data for TOYOTA Thai League implemented. Includes league promotions and relegations.
  • New/updated Strips
  • New/updated media backdrops
  • New/updated face models
  • New/updated player portraits
  • New Manager portraits
  • New boot models
  • New ball designs
  • New Goal Celebrations


  • Default Condition Rating for Legend players set to ‘B’.
  • Added the option to select strips from squads that you have purchased in myClub.


  • Those who compete in Grand Finals will now receive a ‘Representative Reward’ in addition to the ‘Grand Final Reward’.


  • An issue that prevented you from selecting certain leagues in Random Selection Matches when filtering players by league.
  • An issue that caused player models to disappear from the pre-match menu when using a strips created by importing image data through Edit mode.
  • An issue that causes the Weekly Point screen to appear after certain Matchday Grand Finals. Ordinarily, Weekly Point totals should not change after Grand Finals.
  • An issue where the incorrect team is displayed for Featured Players in certain locations. Currently, the Team Emblem displayed on each Featured Player’s player card is indicative of their actual team.

Gameplay Adjustments

  • An issue that causes CBs with the ‘Build Up’ Playing Style to fall back to the friendly penalty box when your team is in possession of the ball.
  • An issue which sometimes causes passes kicked with a full power gauge to fall short of their target when using Manual Controls.
  • An issue that results in commands being issued to the wrong player during penalty shoot-outs in Team Play Lobby matches.
  • An issue that sometimes causes players assigned to different positions in the COM’s squad formation to overlap.

Other Updates

  • A variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode to improve the overall gaming experience.

If you missed our highly detailed eFootball PES 2020 review, you can read it here.

In a nutshell, eFootball PES 2020 is easily better on the pitch and off of it for the first time in years. At its core, PES is about capturing magical moments and this year’s iteration does that even more than usual.

While there’s still some nagging issues here and there, eFootball PES 2020 is a patch (or simply reverting back to the demo code) away from being one of the finest soccer games ever made. With its core mode Master League improved, eFootball PES 2020 finally has a mode worthy of its solid gameplay.

With the help of option files, PC and PS4 users get to experience nearly all of the bells and whistles of FIFA — sorry Xbox One users, you still can’t — but with the magic that only PES can provide. If you’re a gameplay purist, then eFootball PES 2020 is definitely worthy of a purchase.


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  1. This game is just so bad. It gets worse with each patch. The AI is so juiced. They just run around the pitch flattening your players without any repercussions. It's really laughable. Then you barely bump them and it's a penalty. Konami has to be the laziest team I've ever seen. They equate computer cheating with a better challenge. I mean this in no way resembles football - it's one of the worst patches I've ever seen. I had one 7 minute half where I counted over 15 slide tackles by the AI resulting in 1 yellow card - really, is this some sort joke. Then to make things even more comical I checked their agression level thinking it had to be maxed, but nope, it was on the 2nd lowest setting. Who puts a game together like this - it's a disaster.
    The passing and shooting are just as bad. Passes almost never go where intended and stars miss a ton of point blank shots or someone warps in out of nowhere for a block or deflection. And when I say warp I mean rocket speed like warp. Passing lanes are also cut down because of the super range that guys have or their psychic abilities ---- blocking or intercepting passes that they have no business getting to.
    Player control is also a whole new level of bad. Momentum is way overdone so small movements or feints just don't work and neither do most of the skill moves. They need to just scrap the right stick control scheme altogether. It serves zero purpose and looks awful.
    My final issue is with straight line analog controls - hey Konomi it's 2020 when are you going to use modern technology to get rid of this problem. Just another example of being lazy and cashing in without any kind of investment or effort on your part.
    Maybe I'm crazy but it's hard to believe they don't get more complaints about this stuff or maybe they do and I just don't read about it. I don't know what sport they think they creating but it's not football. I guess it could be a hybrid of soccer, the NFL, and rugby. If that's the goal then it's a huge success.
    I'm actually enjoying the game more since the last update. Manual passing is more difficult, and there just seems to be on the pitch? Either way, the game just feels a little slower and the AI seems to attack in different ways (they switch play from one flank to the other often now).
    I'm actually enjoying the game more since the last update. Manual passing is more difficult, and there just seems to be on the pitch? Either way, the game just feels a little slower and the AI seems to attack in different ways (they switch play from one flank to the other often now).

    Interesting I haven't tried the game in a while; do defenders actually push up past the halfway line now when attacking?
    If I set my line high, and position the players high, they may a bit. I play wit Inter in a 5-3-2, so my center backs are often a bit deeper, but I’ve seen them move up.
    Pretty solid update for offline players. Seeing much more diversity from the AI in terms of the way they attack. Lots more shots from distance, more aggressive passing up the pitch, even some risky passes, and better creativity with the dribble. I got blanked 2-0 last night as Juve but it was really engaging, the outcome didn't bother me because both goals felt earned and not spammed in with tiki taka and/or OP shooting. Seems like there are more fouls being called as well, and for the first time ever I saw a CPU player sent off for two yellows. Couldn't believe my eyes.
    Nice job on this one, Konami. Tip of the cap.
    Game has played better than ever with new update. Much better response time and just more fun in general. Game feels much more organic now.
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