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Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 Releases Their First College Dynasty Mode Screenshots

Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2019

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 Releases Their First College Dynasty Mode Screenshots

College football gaming is back with Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019, as the team has released their first screenshots of the new college dynasty mode.

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 is releasing this September on Xbox One and PS4 and will feature the first College Dynasty Mode on video game consoles in 6 years.

The College Dynasty Mode will feature two league structures (27 team Canadian and 130 team US). Take control of your College Football program and discover the next College legend in our in-depth recruiting system. Guide your team through the regular season and compete for a spot in a Bowl Game or Playoffs! Switch your team in the offseason and take on the challenge of building up another program. The default teams in each league are fictional but can also be customized in the mode’s offseason.

In addition to College Dynasty Mode, Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 includes a number of features and enhancements:

  • Brand New Player Models– Improved visuals including position specific player models!
  • Officially Licensed Equipment– Hit the field in style with our official brand partners: Xenith, Wilson Sporting Goods, Phenom Elite and Mokom Gloves.
  • New Player Animations– Bringing the game to life! Hundreds of new animations recorded in a professional studio with active football players.
  • Customization– Create your own football universe! Customize your team information, rosters and uniforms!
  • Logo Editor– We have over 260 stock logos to choose from, don’t like one of ours? Design your own logo with our robust logo editor featuring unlimited layers!
  • Multiple Rule Sets & Field Sizes– Three games in one! Choose your rule set from US Pro, Canadian or College Football! Field size and game ball will update according to the rule selection.
  • Play as Doug Flutie– Throw a hail mary and rekindle Flutie Magic! Doug Flutie can be used as a playable Quarterback.
  • Dynasty Partners– Immerse yourself in Dynasty Mode with official branding from Phil Steele’s College Football and!
  • The Spring League– Perfect your skills in our “Spring League” branded Practice Mode!

About Maximum Football

The Maximum Football franchise was re-launched in 2017 by Canuck Play. Maximum Football 2018 is available now for digital download on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Doug Flutie joined the Maximum Football team as a brand ambassador in November 2018. Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 will be releasing on the Xbox One and PS4 in September.

You can get the inside scoop on the development process and contribute to the game by joining their Patreon (

For additional information on Maximum Football, visit or follow @MaxFootballGame and @CanuckGS on Twitter.


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  1. great job!! for such a small company  that made this is awesome, just compare with madden and his  franchise mode with the main  features been unchanged for almost 5 years,  no excuses EA to have a decent  offline mode
    This looks awesome. Excited to see gameplay and updated player models!

    Coming very soon! Waiting on our artists to finish them off.
    This game honestly puts me in the mind of how I felt when the first Bill Walsh College football game came out. Not sure what it was going to be like but was very excited to be able to play a college football game. This is how I feel about this game.
    Release this on PC and you've got yourself another buyer, for sure. Great looking screens, Spear and the Maximum Football team.
    Congratulations for all your small team has accomplished! This is what happens when companies listen and stay engaged with their customers! Other developers (looking at you EA) should look to you by example.
    Great work, I supported you by buying 2018 and you have a first day purchase from me this year also!
    Awesome. Will support. Keep it up. Baby steps and steady progression.

    I would say these are GIANT STEPS more than baby steps with them being able to implement this in one dev cycle with such a small team.
    Hats off to the entire team! While just screenshots, they look great! I don't have a time for playing video games in my life right now but I will be sure to show my support by purchasing this game. Keep up the great work!
    No uploading of logos because they've been in open discussions with the NCAA so they're not able to do roster or logo sharing at this time. They have released a ton of logos to the Patreon subscribers that are in the game and they have a logo editor that has no layer limit. I'm super excited seeing where this goes. So far it looks like a ton of great progress!
    A friend of mine told me about this game and that it had college football. I thought he was messing around. So glad he was right.
    Looks good and I'm very intrigued.
    i really hope there is a way to import logos like you can in NBA 2K
    also any possibility on a money thing like selling tickets, food and stuff in game, maybe like saving up to expand stadium, revenue from the TV deals etc like a franchise mode but for college
    Any on the field shots?

    I mean I could show on the field shots that I have now but they have last year's player models and wont be accurate for September.
    We are waiting on the player models from our hired artists. Dave continues to go back and forth with them to finalize them.
    The market for a college football game, even with fictional teams, is wide open! People like myself have been dying for something like this since NCAA 14. If it is even half way decent, it will be huge! I'll be buying it!

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