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DiRT Rally 2.0 Patch 1.3 Available - Patch Notes Here

DiRT Rally 2.0

DiRT Rally 2.0 Patch 1.3 Available - Patch Notes Here

DiRT Rally 2.0 game update 1.3 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out the patch notes below.

  • Grip and floating car issues off the starting line now resolved
  • New achievements/trophies added for Season One: ‘On Thin Ice’ (Complete a clean stage in Monte Carlo), ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ (Drive 66km at Monte Carlo in the DS 21), ‘To all those who doubted…’ (Get a podium in the Citroën C4 Rally), ‘Kickin’ 80s Vibe’ (Complete your first Event in the BMW M1 Procar Rally)
  • The achievement/trophy “Fire Up That Car… Again” has had its unlock criteria modified
  • Prevention for audio cut-out improved
  • Added Jon Armstrong’s 2019 Galway International Rally livery
  • New engine audio for BMW M1 Procar and Peugeot 208 T16 R5
  • Fixed non-English translations of in-game text
  • Retiring no longer counts as completing the stage or event, and will no longer cause trophies to pop
  • Returning to the service area in Rallycross Community Events or AI Challenges will take players to service area and not leave the event
  • Spectating in bumper cam will now show other drivers in custom online events
  • Improvements to co-driver calls in specific call outs, across multiple locations
  • Leaderboards are now available after non-Time Trial races
  • Improvements to visual quality on some cars
  • Corner cuts across certain areas (reset lines and rough terrain) are now prevented
  • Stability improvements throughout title
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