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DiRT 4 Available Now, Launch Trailer & Screenshots Included

DiRT 4

DiRT 4 Available Now, Launch Trailer & Screenshots Included

DiRT 4 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you pick it up, post your impressions here!

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  1. I'm enjoying it so far. The rallycross has always been fun for me in past Dirt games and even more so in Dirt 4. I do feel its a bit easy at times and I'm racing on the hardest difficulty without assists on. However I'm not running away with races and have finished last a few times. (Due to last lap wrecks) Definitely worth the $40 so far.
    How is the handling compared to Dirt Rally?

    I've never played Dirt Rally, so I can't comment on the comparison to it. The last Dirt game I played was 3. I've been using a controller, but this game makes me want to buy a wheel for sure. I can sling the cars into turns and drift them around and it always feels on the edge of losing it or keeping it smooth. All in a good way too. From what I've read Dirt Rally was more realistic, but this isn't far behind at all....just from what I've read on reviews anyway. I'm on simulation setting as well.
    Does anyone know how to making steering more sensitive in Dirt 4? I have thrustmaster t150 and I have to turn wheel quite a ways before car will turn. I tinkered with a few settings with no noticeable change.
    So I rented this from Gamefly and wow, definitely worth buying! Had a blast playing it last night. This was from a long race last night, just missed 1st place!
    This game is great. I have played about half the career. It is challenging yet obtainable. This game has great depth with stage generator.
    This game is on sale now on the U.K. store for 35 pounds , $45.60 US dollars. I'm going to try to wait. I think it will drop more by fall. Sale ends August 16th

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