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Diamond Dynasty Update: Impact Veteran Roy Oswalt Program Released

MLB The Show 17

Diamond Dynasty Update: Impact Veteran Roy Oswalt Program Released

A new program, a new set of cards, and some new Impact Veterans have been added to Diamond Dynasty today. This program is a departure from previous programs as you’ll be able to do all gameplay elements of it without having to play any online games. There is a mix of missions within the program, but the only truly time-consuming one will be matching Roy Oswalt’s 2010 statistics with Impact Veteran starting pitchers (211 innings pitched, 13 wins, 193 strikeouts, 2 complete game shutouts). This is more challenging in the short term as there are not many Impact Veteran starting pitchers even available for use unless you have Tickets, or lots of Stubs or have finished certain collections.

The new Set 5 card pack released also has a focus on Impact Veteran starters. The two exclusive cards are a C.C. Sabathia Impact Veteran (97 overall), and an Impact Veteran Nolan Ryan (94). Other new Impact Veterans released today include Anibal Sanchez (91), Ron Guidry (88), Mike Scott (88), Bret Saberhagen (86) and Phil Niekro (82).

Lastly, the final reward for the Roy Oswalt Program is a Diamond Impact Veteran Roy Oswalt (93). The 50 percent reward for the program is an Impact Veteran Ben Revere (81).

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