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Details on F1 2019 Leagues and the Super License Revealed

F1 2019

Details on F1 2019 Leagues and the Super License Revealed

Codemasters has revealed more details on F1 2019 leagues, which a series of race events with a persistent score. Whoever has the most points at the end of the final event is declared the winner. In F1 2019 the progress of each league championship is stored on the game’s online services, meaning individual league members can interact with the league even if the league owner is offline.

Leagues have a whole suite of other options to allow you to configure the kind of experience you want:

  • League Privacy. Public leagues can appear in the Suggested Leagues list, and can be found by using the in-game search option. Private leagues are invisible – you can only join a private league by either a) being invited, or b) searching for the league using its unique access code (which must be provided by an existing league member).
    • Private leagues also have access to some options public leagues do not. For example, they may play using the official teams instead of the multiplayer car, and admins of private leagues may also edit the results of a GRAND PRIX after it has ended.
  • Admission Type. By default, players who ask to join a league will be automatically accepted. But if you apply to join a league with approvals enabled, your application must be manually approved by a league admin. The admins can access your OS profile and your in-game Super Licence in order to assess your suitability before approving or rejecting your application (including the all-new Attendance Rating, which rates your reliability in terms of attending/completing league events).
  • AI. Allows you to define how the AI will be used. In a full or nearly full league you might want to disable the AI entirely. Or you may want the AI to be present on track (to create traffic), but not in the standings – i.e. you want the overall competition to be between the humans only. Or you may have a league with just a few of you, and you want to have a more collaborative experience competing against a full roster of AI for the championship title.
  • Allow AI Substitutions. It can be annoying, but understandable when players can’t make league events. To reduce the impact upon the other competitors’ experience, F1 2019 offers the option of having the AI substitute for missing players. These AI will be presented as though they are the player they are replacing (albeit with an “AI” tag), helping to preserve the fidelity of the experience for everyone else. For maximum flexibility, the AI level of the substitutes can be set separately to that of other AI competitors.

These are just some of the options available. As well as these, you can also find a similar range of options to those seen in GRAND PRIX™ or Unranked modes: weekend structure, race options, assist restrictions.

The Super Licence is the record of your time spent in F1 2019. And with the improvement to online services, you can now view other players’ Super Licences from anywhere within the game, even if that player is offline!

The Super Licence is accessible from anywhere in the game’s menu system. It comprises three main areas:

  • The Super Licence itself
  • Trophy Cabinet
  • Stats

You can read more about F1 2019 leagues and the Super License at the official website. Also check out the stream, the team hosted a couple of days ago, with plenty more details.

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