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Descenders Scheduled to Launch on Steam February 9th


Descenders Scheduled to Launch on Steam February 9th

Descenders, the extreme downhill freeriding game from development studio RageSquid, is scheduled to launch on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux on February 9 for $24.99.

Gamers will be thrown into this high-octane world, where every jump, whip and scrub will earn Rep points for you and your team — but one badly timed landing could lead to losing it all.

A deep physics system and full controller support allow players to string together incredible trick combos, as you make your way down the mountain and attempt to reach the bottom with as few scratches as possible.

Procedurally generated worlds mean that no two runs are ever the same, while nerve-racking Boss Jumps truly sort the casuals from the pros. There are no upgrade modifiers and power-ups in Descenders — instead, players must progress through skill alone, if they want to lead their team to glory, and become the next legendary Descender.

And there’s more: Once Descenders launches in February, players can expect regular updates to the game, with new tweaks, bikes, kits, challenges, modes, features and worlds to follow post-launch.

Plus, the official Descenders Discord server, which allows players to pick their riding team — Enemy, Arboreal or Kinetic — is ramping up to the big launch, with exclusive videos and gifs every day.


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  1. Bring this to consoles, please!
    Dave Mirra Pro BMX was one of my favorite games for the PS2 and Dreamcast. Mat Hofmann's game was excellent, too!
    I know this is downhill mountain biking, but I love good extreme bike games, whether BMX or MTB!

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