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Cristiano Ronaldo is the FIFA 18 Cover Athlete (Trailer Included)



Cristiano Ronaldo is the FIFA 18 Cover Athlete (Trailer Included)

EA just released news that Cristiano Ronaldo is the cover athlete for this year’s game. Included in the announcement tweet was a short trailer showing some in-game footage. The footage appears to show some new physics at work, including players jockeying for position and some new motion-based items with new foot planting. The crowds also seem to have gotten a bit of an improvement along with the overall graphical look of the game.

Be sure to watch the trailer in its entirety and let us know what you see!

Full Trailer

Trailer Screenshots


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  1. The trailer runs so fast it's hard to take too much away from it. The only exception being the crowd. If that's what the crowd look like in gameplay then EA have made a massive improvement in that area.
    It's like watching a scene from Alien Vs Predator. VERY close action shots that run so fast you can't even decipher what's going on lol. 
    I usually buy FIFA at the end of it's life cycle, hope this one is as fun as 17 was for me!
    Definitely excited to see what is unveiled this weekend. The graphics look great, and if the crowds can look like that (and the game capture that type of emotion) then I'm doubly pumped for the fall!

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