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Creed: Rise to Glory Coming to PlayStation VR on September 25

Creed: Rise to Glory

Creed: Rise to Glory Coming to PlayStation VR on September 25

Creed: Rise to Glory is scheduled to arrive this fall on PlayStation VR, putting you in the gloves of Adonis Creed, on his journey from an underground amateur to a spotlight champion.

UPDATE: (8-17) The release date is set for September 25.

Creed: Rise to Glory™ challenges both your body and mind as you rise through the ranks and battle to become a champion to be reckoned with. Experience the ascent of Adonis Creed from scrappy underdog to prize fighter: train with the legendary Rocky Balboa, feel yourself become stronger, and take down opponents in boxing’s most iconic rings.

Survios’s proprietary Phantom Melee Technology delivers a one-two punch by utilizing Responsive Control and Virtual Stamina to make melee combat feel truly immersive.

Whether you choose to live out Creed’s story or set up your own Exhibition battles against an intimidating roster of skilled opponents, Phantom Melee Technology will make you feel every punch, uppercut, and flurry through situational desynchronization, including fatigue, staggering, and knockouts.


Phantom Melee Technology: Break your opponents, not your immersion. Experience a new take on VR melee combat that mimics the real-life impact of throwing and taking punches in the ring with responsive control and virtual stamina.

Showtime Dramatics: Enter the Creed: Rise to Glory™ universe. Feel the excitement and adrenaline of title fights with professional emcees, reactive crowds, and gritty visual effects; get pumped to punch with dynamic music and iconic themes; and be in the heart of the story with cinematic corner sequences and knockout animations.

Multiple Game Modes: Fight the way you want. Live the rise of Adonis Creed in Career Mode or set up arcade-style matchups with a variety of opponents and locations in Exhibition Mode.


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  1. A few of my friends work at Survios! :D
    They're really ecstatic about how Creed is turning out and though I'm personally not really sold on the whole VR thing yet, I really want to give this one a shot.
    Creed is awesome , but would be even better if they could eliminate some of the glitch moves people have come up with ,and if they disabled stamina .

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