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WWE 2K22 GM Mode Rumors - Five Things It Needs to Feel Modern

WWE 2K22 GM Mode

WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 GM Mode Rumors - Five Things It Needs to Feel Modern

In this video, Matt explores the rumors suggesting GM Mode is a lock for WWE 2K22, and he also touches on five things we need to see for the mode to feel more modern.

We know the release date was pushed back, so we have not seen much yet from WWE 2K22, so this is the time for speculation to run rampant.


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  1. The game will probably sell well if it were just relatively bugfree and supplied with a new, more modern engine. Imho the current one has his its limitations years ago.
    The mode could potentially sell some more games and - obviously - I'd be overjoiced if it was in, but it's hard to grasp that they see it as a game-seller.
    Unfortunately it's no longer representative of the in-house rivalries in WWE. Maybe they still do it for Survivor Series? I no longer watch so I don't know.
    Either way it was way more fun for me than Universe mode. The latter definitely feels alive, but in the end it all just doesn't matter what you do and I mainly just let the AI book everything and play the occasional event if I like the card. You can literaly get a jobber to take the main title and nobody cares. In GM mode you had to look after the talent and think things through. I'm sure there's several people who love Universe mode as well. Gameplay-wise I lean more towards GM mode. I doubt the game can have both, but we'll see. Either way it's just a bunch of programming and menus. No extra content that takes space.
    I will not hold my breath. It has "been a lock" for a couple of years, only for the soulless Universe Mode to be repeatedly shoved down our throats.
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