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WWE 2K18 Gameplay Trailer

WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18 Gameplay Trailer

IGN has posted the first WWE 2K18 gameplay trailer, check it out and post your thoughts!


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  1. Unfortunately my computer at work wants to commit suicide if it plays anything at 720 or better so I'll have to watch it on my tablet at lunch. Looked good even in 360 though lol I'l reserve full judgement until I get my better viewing experience
    edit: After the rewatch, something seems off with Roman and Ambrose. I liked a lot of the other models though
    Trailer looks great! Very glad to see the amount of models that have been improved. Hoping the gameplay matches and that we don't see any game breaking bugs. Given past issues and 2K's recent issues with NBA 2K18, I would have to say that I'm a bit nervous about that.

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