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When Do You Get 'Rosteritis' in Your Franchise Mode?

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When Do You Get 'Rosteritis' in Your Franchise Mode?

The Curse of Rosteritis is something that likely haunts OS folks more than it does most others. Our obsession to have things look exactly like the real sports we care so much about can sometimes get in the way of our own enjoyment of a game. However, Rosteritis can come at any point in a real sports season. The trade deadline in all sports can be an issue. Spring training ending in baseball or preseason ending in the NFL can be another scary point. However, the one that seems to be getting MLB The Show fans down right now is that weird point where pitchers and catchers are not reporting quite yet but most of the offseason is complete.

When Do You Get ‘Rosteritis’ In Your Franchise Mode?

OS user Bgrd1080 started this thread, and I truly love it because I know the pain all too well.

I struggle to keep a franchise going at this time because I want updated rosters but don’t like immediately starting with Juan Soto and others with their respective teams on Opening Day. I’m thinking I’ll just say screw it and start with OD rosters and start a new franchise — just try to keep it as my own alternate universe. But then the FOMO kicks in and I lose interest or restart. Anyone else this obnoxious about it?

Yes, I am incredibly obnoxious about this. The concept of “start today” in franchise mode is something I like to think was made specifically for me and is nice to have as the real sports season plays out, but it’s not in The Show. And even if it did exist in The Show, the offseason would still always play out and ruin that accuracy aspect of it as we wait for a new season to begin. So like Bgrd1080, I make some grand proclamation about not worrying about the rosters being old, and then I play like two series and am immediately looking to restart.

However, we’re not all this damaged. OS user millertime98 seems to be cool with getting going on a new franchise.

I usually get excited to play this time of year due to the weather. I update to the latest roster and just pretend it’s the next season. I don’t have the time to make it an Opening Day roster then make the switches in the next season. Plus, once the season starts for my fictional world, whatever happens is the new reality.

Honestly, that response from millertime98 is far too mature. How dare!

Of course, OS user bacon96 sweeps in to point out one cure for this is just using a fictional roster.

Ah yes, a classic example of Rosteritis. This previously could’ve been resolved by playing Bacon’s Fictional Roster, a roster that is very difficult to replicate on the newer games without Y2Y saves.

My guy knows his brand and stays on topic.

Bottom Line

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So when do you get Rosteritis? Let us know because I really am curious to read about when this happens to others.

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