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What Are Program Stars in MLB The Show 23?

MLB The Show 23

What Are Program Stars in MLB The Show 23?

We talk about grinding in Diamond Dynasty a lot and there’s tons of rewards to earn along the way. We’ll be spending a lot of time grinding programs in MLB The Show 23, which means we’ll be earning program stars. So, what are program stars in MLB The Shows 23?

What Are Program Stars In MLB The Show 23?

The main XP reward path that will be featured in each respective season will payout rewards based off XP earned. That’s pretty straight forward, but there are other programs in MLB The Show 23 that will require players to progress a different way.

Functionally, these program stars are rewarded for completing missions, moments, or other objectives within a given program.

As you can see in this screenshot, the first ever Weekly Wonders program requires program stars to complete. There’s a collection of moments that pay out program stars upon completion as well as this group of missions. You can earn a single program star for winning any game within the listed Diamond Dynasty modes, as well as for recording the requisite number of hits and home runs respectively. Once earned, those program stars accumulate toward the program reward path.

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This program maxes out at a paltry 7 program stars, which means it’s a super quick grind for a solid chunk of XP, Stubs, and packs. Once you hit that 7th program star, the program will register complete.

There will be plenty of programs released throughout the year and many will use this format. Some programs, like the Weekly Wonders shown, will have enough options to complete without finishing everything. Depending on your playstyle, you can determine a game plan for which moments, missions, collections, or exchanges you’ll want to do to rack up those program stars in MLB The Show 23.

That’s a primer on program stars in MLB The Show 23!

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