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The Ineptitude of the Colorado Rockies Cured His 'Franchise-itis'

MLB The Show 23

The Ineptitude of the Colorado Rockies Cured His 'Franchise-itis'

One of the reasons I love our forums is that some of the stories that get told are, well, hilarious. OS user Bgrd1080 recently explained how he got over a common franchise mode issue in MLB The Show by remembering the Colorado Rockies exist.

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“Franchise-itis” is a cousin of “rosteritis” in that it basically comes down to worrying about realism or not being close enough to what you think would happen in the real MLB, so you lose interest, quit your franchise, and ultimately start over. It’s a common problem that many on OS have run into in every game over the years.

However, what solved the problem for Bgrd1080 is simply remembering the Colorado Rockies are a real franchise that exists in 2024. The Colorado Rockies being a true dumpster fire in all its glory helped turn around his perspective on things.

Here’s his story:

I’ve been in and out of this forum for at least a decade now. Safe to say the MLB “how’s your franchise going” thread is my go to. I check out the occasional Madden, FIFA, or NBA franchise but for me MLB has always been the go to franchise for me and immersion is everything. Reading CB’s Cards franchise every year like clockwork and I always get so excited to start my own. Unfortunately I usually can get a season, maybe 2 into my own before I switch teams due to a lack of “realism.”

I convince myself the moves I made or the moves the CPU made are too outrageous and I’ve got to restart. I’ll never forget I started a franchise back in 18 or whatever year he was a FA, with San Diego and signed Manny Machado and after a few games said this isn’t realistic and quit….wow SMDH.

Well I think I’ve finally been cured. I started a franchise with the Rockies back in December and safe to say I will probably run with this until ’24 comes out.

I’m finishing off a last place finish in the Division playing one game of every series (proud of myself for that) we finished with 71 wins. But now I’ve reached the offseason and this is normally where I stress trying to stay realistic and honestly can say I have no idea what’s realistic when it comes to Colorado. Feel I can confidently say they wouldn’t pursue Ohtani or Snell. But they could very easily spend nothing and at the same time blow 200 mil on Bellinger for no rhyme or reason a la Kris Bryant. I think I’ve finally gotten to a point where I can accept it’s my world and not stress over being too outlandish because that basically sums up the Rockies. No one knows what the hell they’re thinking or planning. It’s a total crapshoot and it’s made the franchise a blast!

What’s even better about this is people also explaining their despair about being a Rockies fan, among other things, so feel free to scope out the thread and add to it.

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