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Varsity High School Football Video Game Development Update For October

Varsity High School Football video game

Varsity High School Football Video Game

Varsity High School Football Video Game Development Update For October

Today, we received the October development update from Spear Interactive and Pyramid Lake Games with insights into their development progress for Varsity High School Football video game. The update also includes a new video showcasing some work in progress footage. In case you missed it, be sure to read the initial post where the team elaborated on their progress since they began development in February 2022. 

October Developer Update

  • Off-Season Dynasty Tweaks – Added focus to tweaking, polishing and refining core elements like boosters, coach creation with offensive or defensive scheme focus (and player development bonuses!) and expansion of our 1-6A divisional team generation based on state size and city enrollment numbers was at the center of our non-gameplay development this month. Great players are also now awarded a “Varsity Badge” on their player profiles.
  • Motion Capture and Player Rigging – We’ve been working through our extensive list of 300+ animations for quarterbacks this month. To showcase the highest quality motion we can, we’ve hired a dedicated animator to clean up not only our motion capture but also improve the player model’s bone rigging to avoid any strange warping or bending of limbs. We’re beyond impressed by what we’re seeing already. We hope you are too!
  • New Field Location / Backdrop – While our team and field customization is incredibly deep, we take the time to create new modular set pieces that feel like home for players of specific regions. In the past, we’ve worked on desert, big city and rural style backgrounds to place outside of your playing field and stands we’re working through creating small ponds and swampy areas surrounded by palm trees as you’d see in Florida. Create a great field and end zone is one thing, but the area outside of your field should feel like it fits too!

Although they have not disclosed a specific release date, the Varsity High School Football Video Game is slated for eventual launch on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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