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Varsity High School Football Video Game Development Update For November

Varsity High School Football Video Game

Varsity High School Football Video Game Development Update For November

Today, we received the November development update from Spear Interactive and Pyramid Lake Games with insights into their development progress for Varsity High School Football video game. The update also includes a couple of new videos showcasing some work in progress footage. In case you missed it, be sure to read the initial post where the team elaborated on their progress since they began development in February 2022. 

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November Developer Update

  • Player Locomotion and Speed Differences – One of the most important aspects of a realistic football game is making sure players move like actual football players and not just characters running around on the screen. We focused all of our motion capture and gameplay resources on this in November. Players feel connected to the field, lean when moving showing weight adjustment, and plant their feet into the field when making sharp cuts. Fast players feel fast and slower players cannot catch them in a foot race.
  • Player Injuries – We now have the ability to trigger injuries from training, playing other sports, and eventually in game during gameplay. Injuries range from bruises, sprains, dislocated joints, heat exhaustion, to stress fractures, concussions and even overuse injuries if a quarterback throws too much. Based on player injury ratings, each injury has a minimum and maximum range of days, weeks, or months (or career…).
  • Player Detail View – Previously we only had a snapshot of players and coaches. Now you can view their personality, potential, ratings, sentiment to you and more. With players, there is a fog of war aspect to uncovering player ratings. The better your coaching staff the quicker and more accurately you will be able to uncover their ratings. Coaches will also breakdown the best player positional fit for you.
  • Coach Detail View – Like players, you can now view a detailed breakdown of the coaching staff or coaches you’d like to hire. See their prestige, personality, scheme, positional focus and contract info. You can also dig into their coach legacy by seeing how many playoff or championship appearances and wins they’ve had in their career.

Although they have not disclosed a specific release date, the Varsity High School Football Video Game is slated for eventual launch on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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