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Trip Down Memory Lane: Agent 00 Plays Every NBA Live


Trip Down Memory Lane: Agent 00 Plays Every NBA Live

NBA Live continues to be a baffling franchise. It’s like a “will they or won’t they” from your favorite long-running TV series, only the two “people” involved here are NBA Live and EA. Does EA love the franchise? Will they get back together again? Are they just bad for each other?

But there was a time when NBA Live was king. I remember it because one of my fondest memories is getting NBA Live 98 for PlayStation on Christmas. It exploded my little brain with joy. It was not the last time an EA Sports game was my favorite gift on my new console — I had an N64 before then — but it’s still the strongest memory I have as it relates to EA Sports on this holiday. It’s also what makes this video by content creator Agent 00 so painful and wonderful all at once.

I will to this day go to bat for NBA Live from the Sega Genesis days all the way until the Xbox 360 comes out. The Sega Genesis, PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 were the glory days for NBA Live. It had major competition from NBA 2K by the PS2 days, but it was still a very serious competition — except for NBA Live 2001 on PS2, which was just terrible. EA had returned to their groove by NBA Live 2003 and continued to carve out their path as the slightly more arcade version of NBA basketball when compared to NBA 2K on the PS2.

Everything changed when the 360/PS3 generation began, and the pain has continued since then. But you don’t have to watch all of that badness on this joyous holiday because I’m sure not going to do it either. For example, I choose to forget that NBA Live exists as a franchise after NBA Live 05.

PS, I’m still waiting for NBA Live 06 because Ray Allen’s sweat looks crazy realistic.


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  1. I played NBA Live 95 for over 2 years back when it came out. I still love that camera angle.
    The video was a good trip down memory lane, but I thought he could've spent more time with Live 18 and 19. Not great games, but they are far from bad games and did some things really well.
    I've been playing 96 on Sega lately (w/updated rosters) and it's pretty funny how clunky and unresponsive 2K feels going to it right after that. Guess cause they're tryin' to make it look all super realistic and all that. Ehh..
    I'd love a modern version of 96 with better AI, things like toned down blocks, tweek the shooting a bit....little gameplay adjustments/improvements.
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