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Top 5 Sports Anime to Watch, According to IGN

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Top 5 Sports Anime to Watch, According to IGN

Look, Bundesliga is back and we’re getting a little sports talk here and there, but now is the time for exploration while our normal TV habits are upended. Akeem Lawanson from IGN is here to expand those horizons by discussing the top five sports anime to watch right now.

I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t watch a lot of anime. However, I am intrigued by the Captain Tsubasa game, and I have wondered for some time now why there are not more sports game-anime crossovers. Perhaps there is not enough crossover between the two audiences in market testing, but I feel like with the success of all the Mario-centric sports games, we’d see more attempts at anime sports games. I know I’m open to them, and I think it would be a good avenue to get me more into the source material via the video games.

Be that as it may, Captain Tsubasa does not make the IGN list, but this gave me a lot of insight into other anime shows out there that could potentially become sports games down the line.

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