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Steep: Road To The Olympics Open Beta & Demo Available Now

Steep: Road To The Olympics

Steep: Road To The Olympics Open Beta & Demo Available Now

The open beta for Steep: Road To The Olympics, the officially licensed product of the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, is available now for Xbox One. It is scheduled to run from November 28 through December 4 for Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One. The open beta is enhanced for the Xbox One X.

The demo is available now for PlayStation 4 users.

You’ll get to experience five different challenges in the open beta, including two Olympic events (Downhill and Big Air) in the South Korea map, along with two snowboard challenges, and one wingsuit challenge on the Japan map. There will also be a section of the Japan map available for free-roaming play where you can ski, snowboard, wingsuit, and paraglide across the mountainsides to your heart’s content. The full expansion will feature a much larger Japanese area littered with challenges galore, while the story mode will bring you on the journey of an athlete competing in three freestyle events (Big Air, Half Pipe, and Slopestyle) in South Korea for their chance to reach the Olympic Winter Games.

Steep Road to the Olympics arrives December 5 on the Microsoft Store. If you own the original Steep, there’s an expansion that includes all of the content in Road to the Olympics. If you don’t already own Steep, the Steep Winter Games Edition includes the base game and Road to the Olympics.  There’s also a Steep Winter Games Gold Edition that includes the Steep base game, Road to the Olympics, and the Steep Season Pass.


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  1. I'm happy there's a demo, been thinking about this but $30 is a little steep.....see what I did there?
    Does anyone know if they're actually adding a grind mechanic for this?
    They added a grind mechanic on the last update and I read in one of the official hype pieces that you could use that mechanic in this Olympic update
    Oh, well I've definitely played Alaska.  Not convinced they even really added a mechanic though, just more opportunities to actually try to grind.
    Infinite Air does the Snowboarding better in my opinion, specifically the grinds but overall it just feels better and more realistic.  I love both games though, not trolling Steep by any means.
    Yeah, a grind mechanic?  They never mentioned that in a patch note.   There was just more stuff to jump on...btw played and enjoyed the demo beta.  Lots of grinding opportunities that should have been in the original game.  But still, great game with great additions and support. 
    Olympics content is fun but a little steep at $30, especially if you bought the season pass and they want $30 more.  Should at least be discounted for season pass holders. 
    The demo was fun but if it's true that season pass holders still have to pay for this DLC ($40 CAD to boot), then I'm not going to have any of it. Cannot support this game anymore. Ubisoft is just milking consumers. Pay for the base game, pay for the season pass (or the gold edition), pay for the Olympics.
    Some goodwill to season pass holders would have been nice, but instead consumers have to find out close to release that this DLC will be full price for everyone. No transparency at all when they announced the expansion and in the months following, which is supported by googling and finding Reddit threads asking the same thing. I'm done with Ubisoft games. Too many shady business practices going on for me to deal with.
    I feel ya but im going to wait and see if I feel ripped off. If it’s the same size as the Alaska DLC and I have to pay $40 CAD I’ll be less than impressed. I think it’s going to be bigger though closer to the size of the original game. If that’s true I’ll feel more than fine  with the purchase

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