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Sports Story to Release in December For Nintendo Switch

sports story

Sports Story

Sports Story to Release in December For Nintendo Switch

Sidebar Games released a new Sports Story trailer today and announced the game will arrive in December for the Nintendo Switch. The follow-up to Golf Story features a mix of sports and sporting activities wrapped up in one big story.

In this all-out sporting RPG, you’ll rise through the ranks of the sports world and prove your prowess on the golf course, tennis court and football pitch. By raising your sporting rank you’ll unlock even more disciplines, including BMX, volleyball, cricket and more. But the game isn’t just about sports – hop on a train or helicopter to explore dungeons, abandoned ruins and the mysterious Wildlands, or kick back at the mall with its daily attractions, specialty sports stores and minigames.

  • Play and master 8 unique golf courses. Rise through the ranks of the tennis world tour. Start your own soccer team. Your sporting destiny is in your own hands.
  • Travel by train, helicopter and houseboat as you explore dungeons, abandoned ruins and the mysterious Wildlands.
  • Raise your Sporting Rank to unlock new and varied activities like BMX, mini-golf, cricket, volleyball, fishing and more.

Sports Story was originally planned to release in 2020 but it was delayed a couple of years ago. Make sure to watch the new trailer and check out some new screenshots below.

If you missed our review on Golf Story, check it out here.

Even though mainstream games like NBA 2K18 and FIFA have found their way onto the Switch, games like Golf Storycontinue Nintendo’s pattern of showcasing unique games that can’t be found anywhere else.

Golf Story combines an 8-bit style Zelda game with traditional arcade golf. It’s all presented in a pixelated-style that evokes the glory days of the NES and SNES. While I appreciate the nostalgia, I find this look is becoming a little overdone.

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