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SnowRunner Available Today - Here's the Launch Trailer



SnowRunner Available Today - Here's the Launch Trailer

Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have released SnowRunner today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. SnowRunner is the latest evolution of off-road truck driving with revolutionary physics, incredible environments, a massive open world filled with player-driven decisions and missions, as well as a huge garage of vehicles to unlock, upgrade and customize.

In addition to its huge load of base game content, SnowRunner also has mods on PC at launch and later on consoles. Check out the already available selection here,  as well as free regular updates to enrich the experience further. For those eager for more, developers are working on a massive season pass available separately or bundled with the game in the Premium Edition.

Delivered in four phases, each with its own theme and new region, the season pass will include brand new vehicles, new maps to explore and new activities, with much more released post-launch throughout 2020 and beyond.


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  1. In the past 3 years or so, I’ve gotten in to racing games in a big way. I have GT Sport, AC, NASCAR Heat 4, and PC2. My favorite is PC2
    I hadn’t heard of this game until a few weeks ago when I saw a trailer video. Probably saw it here, can’t remember. But, I actually loved the trailer video.
    That said, I have a high interest in impressions because I think I want to try it but I’m not certain, since I’ve only played sim racing games.
    I hope a lot of people try it. Wish there was a demo. That would have been a way to get folks like me to move closer to purchasing
    I played Spintires, I played Mudrunner and I was absolutely looking forward to this game. They have built a solid foundation, but as of right now there are too many problems for me to enjoy this game. Looks like they bit off too much with this huge open world and it's mission design.
    Like every other game, this game was released with many bugs, some minor, some major.
    -trucks disappear from the garage
    -getting stuck in the garage
    -mission items disappear resulting in broken missions
    -you sometimes can't deliver a load for unknowns reasons
    -vehicles just falling through bridges and sinking into the ground
    -my PS4 pro already crashed a few times after exiting the map
    These are the ones I experienced so far. If you go through the official forums or reddit you'll come across many more.
    Very annoying is the way a mission is started. You can have it in your log, start it and do everything you are supposed to, but you can't finish it, if you didn't started it at the original place where you first found the mission. If you start a mission at the wrong place, you have to drive back all the way, just to finish it. Stupid game design.
    My biggest problem is that they turned this game into a very casual experience. Hardcore mode has been completely removed. While the old games weren't that hard, they had a bit more realism to them when it came to fuel consumption and traction. If you know what you're doing, it's very hard to get stuck. I've been crusing over the entire Michigan map with my Chevy in 4th gear. That should't be possible especially with standard tires. Can't imagine how easy it will be, if you have upgrades.
    They implemented a completely new damage system with different damage areas, but they forgot to turn it on. That's the only way I can explain it. In Mudrunner you crashed into a street light with full speed and gained 400 or 500 damage points out of 600. Now you get 2 or 3 points. I tried everything to get a flat tire, but nothing happens.
    A lot of negativity in my post, maybe too much because right now I'm really disappointed. Nevertheless I'm optimistic that they will iron out most of the problems. Just have to let it ripen on the shelf.
    Looks about as exciting as watching paint dry

    It's definitely not for everyone. I first played Spintires on PC and liked it, and messed around with mods some. Got MudRunner on XB1 and liked it, but I recall how negatively it was received on console.
    I am very pleased with my purchase so far. Just taking my time tooling around the Michigan map.
    I agree it's not very hard right now, but I"m thinking the mission difficulties will increase the further you get into the game.
    Here's what it does for me- Remember when you were a kid and you had your Tonka, Nylint and BuddyL trucks? (and smaller scale Matchbox/Hotwheels) I would play for hours, making little trails in the yard, dirt, sand, all of it. That was the epitome of a "sandbox" game. This game scratches that itch for me, 40 years later lol. Loving it!
    I'm guessing I've played about 8 hours so far, and only had one issue/glitch that required me to reload the game. Unfortunate so many glitches on PS4.
    Really like all the tire choices & perfomance and weighty physics. Think you can recover that stuck truck/trailer (mission) way over in that swamp with that new rig you just got with highway tires?....nope. Earn some money and upgrade those treads.
    If I were to level a few criticisms or wishlist items at this point, it would be:

    • Would like ability to lock the time of day
    • Would be cool if vehicles had an odometer and degraded over time
    • camera control is still wonky, like predecessors
    • I have not seen a flat tire on any of my active trucks yet
    • Didn't see an option to strap down & secure a vehicle on top of a ramped trailer. Truck bounced off
    • Wish consoles had mod support

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