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Session Skateboarding Update Gets 2 New Levels, Replay Editor Revamp, New Game Mode & More

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Session: Skateboarding Sim Game

Session Skateboarding Update Gets 2 New Levels, Replay Editor Revamp, New Game Mode & More

A new update has arrived for Session Skateboarding featuring 2 new levels, a new skate shop in Philly, a complete revamp of the replay editor, along with new spots and optimizations in NYC.

The update also brings in a new game mode called Skate Dice, an overhaul of the tutorials, new historical challenges, a new sky system, improved lighting and much more.

New Skateshop in Philly
  • Updated and added new spots in Philly
  • Love park has now been changed to have a more accurate representation of the park we’ve seen in classic videos.
  • We have also added a new skateable areas to the philly map
  • Along with some optimisation to the level itself
Huge Replay Editor Revamp
  • Keyframe types
  • Features
  • Depth of field feature
  • Keyframe Interpolation types (Smooth/Linear/Constant)
  • Camera Roll
  • Tripod Camera
  • Undo / Redo function
  • Lots of bug fixes

You’ll be able to freely and smoothly switch between all the new and improved camera and keyframe interpolation types. Smooth will give you that buttery glide between keyframes, Linear will showcase more of a jump frame, for those dramatic camera switches and Constant will keep your keyframes consistently, consistent.

You can even edit your entire clip without the user interface. Don’t like what you’ve done, simply “Undo” each step with the Undo feature, Don’t like the undo you did, simply “Redo” it, with the redo feature. Without talking in twisted tongues, this is a complete backend overhaul of the Replay Editor.

The Session Skateboarding update is available on PC and Xbox. To read more about all of the updates, check out the official page.

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