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Ride 4 Info - Everything You Should Know

ride 4 info


Ride 4 Info - Everything You Should Know

Ride 4 is releasing this week on PS4, Xbox One and PC. This is Milestone’s motorcycle game that tries to be a simulation racer hitting some of the same beats as the Gran Turismo franchise. Prince is here with all the Ride 4 info you’ll need to get learned up on the title.

We most likely will not have a review on the game this week since Bob is tied up looking at other racing games right now, but we’ll be sure to take a deeper look at it at some point.

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  1. Even with the Credit Multiplier (which by the way isn’t a new feature) this game is too laborious to enjoy. More freedom needs to be employed for the more casual gamer in terms of which bike they ride.
    Games like Forza & Project Cars allow all cars to be used in Free Race modes. The Ride series (which is a 2 wheel equivalent to these games) needs to do the same.

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