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R.B.I. Baseball 19 Mobile Update Adds New Animations, AI Logic Improvements and More

R.B.I. Baseball 19

R.B.I. Baseball 19 Mobile Update Adds New Animations, AI Logic Improvements and More

A new R.B.I. Baseball 19 update has arrived for iOS and Android users, adding new animations, AI logic improvements and various other fixes. Check out the notes below.

  • Animation additions and improvements for end of inning
  • AI in-field logic improvements
  • Updated select player portraits and World Series 2019 logo
  • Updated select in-game billboards
  • Fix for crash at end of game stats screen
  • Fix for soft lock during simming games
  • UI fixes and improvements including joystick movement
  • Stats home run fixes
  • Updated LAD classic uniforms
  • Audio updates and improvements
  • Additional fixes and optimizations

R.B.I. Baseball 19 is available on the App Store and Google Play Store for $6.99.

R.B.I. Baseball 19 has more additions and improvements than ever before, delivering Franchise Mode and heightened authenticity to deliver a genuine MLB experience – not to mention hundreds of new animations, brand new player models, every official 2019 uniform, more player gear, improved ball physics and environments, and more!

  • Franchise Mode: Manage your dream team across multiple seasons! Add pieces at the trade deadline, win over free agents, call up rookies and bring on new two-way players.
  • Authentic MLB Players: Updated player models, hundreds of new animations, more realistic player movements and reactions add a whole new level of authenticity.
  • Stunning Environments: Amplified lighting, textures, cinematic sequences and 3-D crowd system in all 30 ballparks.
  • MLB Legends: Play as 165+ all-time greats like Jackie Robinson, Ted Williams, or Reggie Jackson!
  • Legends Teams: All-new Legends Teams available for play on Exhibition Mode.
  • Weekly Roster Updates: Weekly, season-long roster updates with performance-based statistical tuning.
  • Bigger and Better Soundtrack: Music from popular artists including Evaride, Banzai, OneRepublic, CHVRCHES and more!
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