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R.B.I. Baseball 17 Available Now on Nintendo Switch

R.B.I. Baseball 17

R.B.I. Baseball 17 Available Now on Nintendo Switch

R.B.I. Baseball 17 is available now on the Nintendo Switch for $29.99.

  • Accessible, Fast-paced, Fun: Play a full nine-inning game in under 20 minutes with easy-to-use two button controls
  • Awesome Game Modes: Season, Postseason, and Exhibition modes, including season saving and siming capabilities.
  • Authentic MLB Experience: Play with all 30 MLB teams, 30 detailed ballparks and over 1,000 MLB Players with detailed attributes.
  • Your Team, Your Way: Modify your lineup or play classic R.B.I. Baseball rosters. Stay current with roster updates throughout the season.
  • Stats: Track your season stats by team, player and league leaders across multiple seasons.
  • Challenge a Friend: Dock your Switch and face off against a rival at home, or pop your Joy-Con controllers and play anywhere in Tabletop Mode.

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  1. Great news! I am just waiting for baseball/football/hockey to come out for the Switch to take the plunge. Looking forward to impressions to see if this is the real deal. I am not expecting The Show, but it needs to be a stable, fun game. Also curious what it means when it talks of stat tracking across multiple seasons, but lacks franchise play. Just replay the seasons, but it accumulates stats (without players aging or progressing/regressing)?
    It's ridiculous to charge $30 for this game when the 2017 MLB season is almost over versus $20 back in the spring when the new season was just beginning! If you're interested in Season mode then I think this game is good for just one 162 game season. But, no more than that.
    I bought this, because I wanted baseball on the go that badly.
    Within two days, it was deleted from my SD card.
    To say it was a disappointment would be an understatement. The updated roster was impressive, and that's where the fun ended. The animations, the gameplay, everything was extremely subpar... subpar even to 16 bit titles I remember loving back in the day. I very much recommend avoiding this title.

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