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Out of the Park Baseball 19 - Full Features Trailer


Out of the Park Baseball 19 - Full Features Trailer

Check out the full features Out of the Park Baseball 19 trailer, featuring the new 3D in-game engine that, for the first time, has players pitching, hitting, fielding, and running the bases.

OOTP 19 ships worldwide on March 22 and will be available on Steam, EA Origin, the Mac App Store, Amazon, the OOTP Developments website, and other online locations.


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  1. PES3Paul
    I have OOTP 18, and if all this is, is a coat of paint and not much else, I'd prefer to stick with 18.

    The new scouting improvements, updated AI in terms of lineups, pitching rotations, usage in the playoffs etc are well worth the upgrade over 18.
    I’m on the beta team and when i say it’s a noticeable difference, it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out on.
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    Major Changes & Additions
    - 2018 rosters
    - New in-game screen & 3D ballparks & player animations
    - Manual voting for end of season awards
    - New scouting report text & player development graphs
    - Tournaments may optionally take teams that already play in other leagues
    - Improved in-game AI: double switches, closer/starter usage in playoffs
    - Added the option to choose between six different interface fonts
    - Added team leader tabs to the pre-game screen
    - Manager home page now has customizable sized widgets
    - Modified internal ratings calculations. Adjusted global options for ratings display.
    - Recoded many screens
    - Added 800 fictional team logos
    Minor Changes & Additions
    - Added flag for user gender
    - Added the Pacific Association independent league
    - Can now set a league/tournament with schedule length of 0 to create a quick custom playoff-only bracket
    - Added the option to lock the league total stats (historical leagues) while keeping league total modifier recalculation active. This enables users to have a static stats enviroment.
    - Added arm angle rating for pitchers
    - Historical leagues now support minor leagues and roster limits when playing with real life MLB transactions & lineups
    - Added L/R split stats to historical leagues. These are used for player ratings calculations and can also be displayed in the career stats. 
    - Improved historical simulation accuracy
    - Improved defensive ratings in historical leagues
    - Added 1908 & 1909 as-played lineups to historical league database
    - More accurate and realistic 19th century historical league and team database
    - Added accurate single game records to historical database and default MLB games.
    - Added the option to choose between Opening Day and End of Season rosters in the historical exhibition mode
    - Improved draft pick trading AI
    - Added RA9-WAR for pitchers, player defense breakdown by difficulty
    - Added an "Extremely Low" injury frequency setting
    - Columns can be sorted on the batter vs pitcher tab in the player profile screen
    - Auto-load player pictures will search for BBRef-Minor-ID first
    - Improved team color dialog
    - Injured players no longer need to be immediately replaced in-game
    - Fixed bug which caused interactive storylines to not trigger
    - Added playoff history to league history page
    - Moved languages and ethnicities into world.xml file. 1 to "n" languages possible now
    - Can now skip player creation when adding a league to a world already in progress
    - The middle mouse button now acts as a "page back" button
    - Support for page navigation buttons on advanced mouse devices added
    - The cursor keys up / down now let you scroll through player lists while viewing a player profile
    - Added filter in coach lists for available jobs
    - Added speed factor 1000 to real time simulation speed selection
    - Countless other small improvements and fixes
    The 3D on the field engine could be a game changer for me. I can see this being refined over the next few years to be more realistic looking with use of better models, etc. Love the "press box" view....although it is a bit high. And as a classic team junkie, this is heaven. I may just pick this up..
    Very, very tempted to purchase!
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    Do it! Lol
    Last one I played was '11 and just seeing how far it's come I can't wait to dive into it.
    Very, very tempted to purchase!
    Sent from my iPhone using Operation Sports

    I would ABSOLUTELY recommend purchasing. This game sucks you in and by the time you look up, you've been playing for 8 hours and forgot you had a life.
    Absolutely purchasing OOTP 19
    Played 18 a lot this past year. I really got into it, but did GM only. Now that they have a better 3D engine and the parks rendering looks a lot better...classic season replays? Can you say hell freaking yes!!!!!

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