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NHL 21 Closed Technical Test Registration Open Now

NHL 21

NHL 21 Closed Technical Test Registration Open Now

EA SPORTS is looking for their most engaged and important players in the community to join the Closed Technical Test for NHL 21. Your feedback will help optimize gameplay, stability, and tuning to make the best player experience possible. The Closed Technical Test will begin soon, so sign up and look out for an invite and unique invitation code in your inbox.

Make sure to register here.


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  1. I signed up, only reason the beta play time and first week or so with the game are always the best. Then they change to cater to online bums and the game turns into a hot pile. LOL
    Yeah, from the way they named it (and that they need bigger/broader sample of people than they have internally) it might be that they need to test how custom sliders or roster works in online environment (plus some other "hints" on EAs forums, during the year)
    But I don't have any other info as you guys, so it's just thinking loud.
    Give us the option to:
    1) build the Seattle expansion team
    2) roster sharing / sliders sharing
    That's all I need. We know this game is a hot pile of something each year. Plug one hole, create 3 more. But if we had those two things...I'm good.
    I also registered, ready to see what's inside. Hopefully, mainly roster sharing and better player likeliness options easier to share with the community.

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