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NHL 18 Gameplay Tuner 1.01 Available Now, Full Details Here

NHL 18

NHL 18 Gameplay Tuner 1.01 Available Now, Full Details Here

EA has released NHL 18 gameplay tuner 1.01 today, check out the full details below.

All Modes

  • Tuned ability to go in and out of the pass block state so that it behaves more realistic
  • Tuned puck elasticity to get more realistic reactions when it hits the ice.
  • Tuned deking success rates by deke
  • Decreased top end skating ability for players skating with defensive stick held out

Online Only

  • Tuned down chance of auto fights post whistle
  • Turned off ability for net to come off in online gameplay
  • Tuned cases to fix issues where goalies were getting punished for skating to the bench on delayed penalties

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  1. I get the "gameflow" concerns for online, but turning off net dislodging online? Sure, crash the net with impunity! And this is coming from one of the biggest, dumbest, net-crashingest animals in the EASHL...
    Oh, wait... I bet this is a reaction to defenders dislodging the net on purpose? Which should be a penalty, of course. That probably would be very difficult to implement properly. Two sides to every coin, right?

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