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NHL 17 Coaching Strategy Guide

NHL 17

NHL 17 Coaching Strategy Guide

There’s a lot to love about the strategic aspect of NHL 17. In many ways, the game forces you to be a bit more cerebral in how you attack an opponent, which is never a bad thing.

The folks over at Cheltips have put together a pretty expansive guide on the coaching end of things in NHL 17.

“I started with research, but appears there is some room for a bit of interpretation on most hockey strategies so I decided that watching the in-game AI would be best way to determine exactly what positions these strategies will be putting them in.

In this guide, we will cover Offensive Zone Bias, Forecheck, Offensive Line Strategies, Neutral Zone, Defensive Line Strategies, and finally Defensive Pressure. Breakouts and special teams will have to wait for another day Check out Coaching Strategies Part Two for breakout and special teams strategies.”

Be sure to check out the guide as it covers a lot of topics which you will certainly find helpful!

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