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NBA Playgrounds 2 Announced - Trailer, Screenshots and Details Revealed

NBA Playgrounds 2

NBA Playgrounds 2 Announced - Trailer, Screenshots and Details Revealed

Saber Interactive has announced NBA Playgrounds 2, scheduled to arrive this summer for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). The game will feature a new Season Mode and Playgrounds Championship ranked mode. The roster is expected to feature over 200 current and retired NBA players with new player models and animations.

Below are some of the details revealed about the game, but make sure to read the full article over at the PlayStation.Blog.

  • Playgrounds Championship is a worldwide online league with several divisions where you can climb the ladder to the top
  • Create co-op leagues and climb the ranks with a friend or play in a solo league
  • Dedicated servers for fast online matchmaking and responsive gameplay
  • Added four-player online games where you can have each player be a human player online or any combination of human and AI opponents
  • Season Mode is a single player experience, taking your team through a season, the playoffs, and NBA Championship, with special players to collect depending on the team you choose
  • New player models, new animations, including facial animations have been added
  • AI has been improved
  • Dozens of tracks of new original music recorded
  • New gameplay mechanics like double alley-oops have been added


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  1. Gameplay will have to be a massive improvement for me to consider a purchase. I could barely get through an hour of the original, and I'm an Extreme Hoops junkie.
    Meh, fool me once.....

    Trust me......someone else can buy the game and tell me about this time. And not all of the youtubers who made vids and said how “lit” this game only be completely wrong and ironically have all of them be in the game in a future!!
    What a scam. Also, who would actually want to use one of the youtubers characters ?? LOL. Make Bill Clinton a usable special character......that’s “lit”.
    Did people really enjoy the 1st one that much that they made a sequal? Wow! The first one was one of the worst basketball games I ever played.*

    I enjoyed it until they destroyed the shooting mechanics.
    I've had tons of fun with the first one. The one thing I felt short was the replayability.
    Once you've finished all the challenges, there is no point of keep on playing (since online is filled with idiots), and playing exhibition games over and over is boring as hell.
    I'll def try out Playgrounds 2 though.

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