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NBA 2K24 Post Play Guide and Signature Nikola Jokic Animations

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NBA 2K24 Post Play Guide and Signature Nikola Jokic Animations

We champion Kevin Cruz on the semi-regular, so I thought it was a good time to point out he put together a great video showcasing NBA 2K24 post play and also some ProPlay signature animations of Nikola Jokic.

If you have played a healthy amount of 2K this year, you know how dominating inside-out play (and specifically post play) can lead to tons of open threes (that go in at a very high clip, which is a story for another day). So if you’re going to dominate on the inside, it’s fun to at least make it look good. Kevin specializes in the “making it look good” part because he does it by trying to make it look like the real NBA players do it.

This in tandem with ProPlay additions in 2K this year means a lot of the best players have even more signature touches than usual. I’m not sure if Jokic has the most sauce and signature animations in NBA 2K24, but there are absolutely a variety of ways to cook with him and do it in a way that looks like the real Joker.

Scope out the video if you want some general tips on how to get the most out of your post play, or just watch it to maybe realize “oh snap, Jokic can do that in 2K?” which is always a fun part about 2K — there’s always another animation you’ve never seen before.

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