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NASCAR Heat 4 Roster Reveal - Gander Outdoors Truck Series Drivers


NASCAR Heat 4 Roster Reveal - Gander Outdoors Truck Series Drivers

The NASCAR Heat 4 team have started to reveal the rosters for the game this year. Today, they revealed the Gander Outdoors Truck Series drivers.

It features 34 drivers, including three women drivers, Natalie Decker, Hailie Deegan and Jennifer Jo Cobb.

NASCAR Heat 4 arrives in September, check out some of the features, screenshots and the teaser trailer here. There’s also a short FAQ and pre-order bonuses, listed for the Standard and Gold Editions.


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  1. Heat_Fan
    I'll buy another Nascar Heat game when they replace Unity (blech) with a much better graphics engine.

    I've been trying to get an answer about 4K support for the XBox One X in this game... (crickets). I figured if HB Studios can manage 4K with Unity in The Golf Club 2019, it ought to be doable here?
    Apparently the latest iteration of Unity (whatever the technical term may be) is much more robust, and if the YouTube previews are any indication, NH4 will represent the biggest graphical leap for the series yet. I realize they're still playing catch up, but things are looking good so far.
    I've also asked about 4K and 60fps on consoles in particular, with no response on social media. If we don't get 60fps after 4+ years of development, I'm going to be very disappointed. It's not even groundbreaking, it's the standard for every quality racer out there.
    The graphics do look much improved this year - but again there is still much left to be desired.
    I am truly interested in the new details with the career mode. I really hope we get more in depth statistics that we can look at dating back several seasons. I would also like in-race awards (Pole Award, Most Laps Led, Etc.) but I understand this can be done off-line (as long as they provide the information).
    Gotta say I agree with the graphics comments. Nice to see improvements but why no 4K?
    Also sick of Unity.
    I was hoping for dynamic lighting and even some sort of weather. Looks like I should keep hoping.

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