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MXGP PRO Announced, Big Focus on Realism with Pro Physics - Trailer & Screenshots Revealed


MXGP PRO Announced, Big Focus on Realism with Pro Physics - Trailer & Screenshots Revealed

Milestone has announced MXGP Pro is scheduled to arrive for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC/Steam on June 29. The team has made a huge step towards realism, with new PRO Physics, all official contents, sponsors and riders (ALL of them), and all the details taken directly from the MXGP, this new game will test even the most skilled player.

This time we thought and acted big with the new Compound area: a wide training ground to be freely explored and where to spend limitless hours on different terrain conditions, from the smoothest paths to the most rugged ones. The dream place for all the cross lovers.

Test your skills and improve yourself facing 30 different challenges. A dedicated game mode will give you the chance to learn step by step the best motocross techniques and how to make them yours.

You’ll will surely need the training if you really want to master the Pro Physics!

After MXGP 3, we spent months and months reading all community’s feedback, listening to their say on Socials, and working hard to improve the game meeting all their high expectations. The result gave us one of the games we are most proud of: MXGP PRO and its PRO Physics.

Among all the player requests, there were a few constant things: free, realistic whips; more in-air control; ruts that influence how you take corners; clutch control for super-fast starts.

And these are only just a few things we’ve implemented in the new, innovative PRO Physics. Expect lots of features to increase realism: hard landings on short jumps, more seat bouncing, suspensions that actually matter. Beware, though, with all this realism the whole thing will be a lot more challenging as well!

Check out the MXGP PRO screenshots below.


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  1. I read where this game will have "simulation physics."
    "Simulation physics" in a Milestone game -- two wheels or four -- is one of the great oxymorons of gaming. Sort of like "jumbo shrimp" in regular life. :)
    Maybe Milestone will surprise us, much like Kylotonn did with WRC 7. I thought MXGP 3 was very overrated. There was almost nothing sim about those physics. It was Simcade Lite, at best.
    Nothing wrong with that unless you're promised simulation physics. So Milestone better deliver. I'm not holding my breath.
    So last night I played a little of MXGP 2 and MXGP 3. If you look at the two games I feel that 2 looks much better when you are in 3rd person view. In 3 you are two far away and it just looks cheesy to me, fake. However the tracks look better in 3. So my hope is with Pro they can give us the track look of 3 or hopefully better and the closer up look of 2 when looking at the rider. I think they got it perfect with Monster Energy Supercross. Fingers crossed.
    I noticed it's up on the USA Amazon site now for pre order.
    39 bucks if your a prime member.
    July 10th release date is confirmed in the US instead of June 29 like the rest of the world.
    I did the UK pre order due to already having credit left on my account.
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