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MotoGP 21 Patch Adds Editable Camera Angle, Updated Riders & Bikes For 2021 Season & More

MotoGP 21

MotoGP 21 Patch Adds Editable Camera Angle, Updated Riders & Bikes For 2021 Season & More

Milestone has released a new MotoGP 21 patch adding an editable camera angle to the game. The update also updates the riders and bikes for the 2021 season.

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Here are the patch notes.

  • Added Editable Camera Angle – This option allows you to customize your race experience changing game camera parameters like distance, height, field of view, and many others. All the game cameras are editable, even the first-person ones! To customize your camera, enter the Pause Menu from any of the game modes, select Options, and then Camera Customisation.
  • MotoGP riders and bikes updated to the 2021 season
  • New riding help – Autodrive for Long Lap Penalty – Serving a perfect Long Lap Penalty certainly requires a good amount of skills. We know that for some players it’s quite difficult to manage this aspect of the game, so we decide to add an assisted mode to help them completing LLP. When using this help, the game will suggest the ideal speed to approach the LLP, and the auto-drive will lead your bike to the end of the lane. The Assisted Long Lap Penalty can be activated in the Race Options menu.
  • Added 3 new patterns for custom suit
  • Career Mode: Re-tuning of the skill of the riders of the Junior Team
  • Career Mode: Re-tuning of the progressions values of the riders of the Junior Team
  • Career Mode: Re-tuning of the reliability of the riders of the Junior Team
  • Several fixes on the Neural AI
  • Fixed ultra-widescreen resolutions support (PC – STEAM- EPIC GAMES)
  • Minor fixes

Another patch is scheduled to be released soon adding editable controller settings to personalize your riding experience. An update for the Moto3 category, including bike models, liveries, suits and accessories is also planned for later this month.

Here’s the rest of the scheduled releases.

June: 1-14

  • Updating Moto2 Category: bikes model, liveries, suit and accessories
  • Adding Bike Retrieval in online multiplayer: the feature is now available even in online game modes.

June: 15-30

  • Adding MotoE Category
  • Adding “Join in progress” in online multiplayer: with this update, players will now instantly joining qualifying sessions that are already started, instead of waiting as spectator
  • Adding Wet Suit: same as the reality, riders will use Wet Suit in case of raining sessions.

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With most racing game reviews, I do not get the chance to express a large amount of gratitude and appreciation for AI opponents. Luckily, I do get to do it here. There are different aspects that I look at when determining how well the AI interacts with me and other riders. Some of those areas include how well the AI recognizes me as a real opponent on the track, how fairly the AI races against me, and how well the AI approaches the idea that it is riding against other AI riders as well.

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