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Madden 24 Draft Classes by KITTY (Xbox Series X/S)

Madden NFL 24

Madden 24 Draft Classes by KITTY (Xbox Series X/S)

We’re getting to the point of the NFL season where dreams and hopes are mostly crashing into reality for NFL fans, and simultaneously we’re starting to get a bit of a better idea about draft prospects and what to expect. With this in mind, Madden 24 draft classes from the community start to get more intriguing.

One person making classes (the last couple years) in the OS community is eggplantkitty80. We’ve covered rosters, camera mods, etc. and as always the platform you’re on will change what’s available to you. In this case, these are classes for the 2024 and 2025 NFL Drafts on the Xbox Series X/S.

I’ll hand it over to KITTY now to explain what’s in the plans and how to download these draft classes.

Madden 24 Draft Classes By KITTY

The master plan for Madden 2024 is to have 10 draft classes for franchise sims/rebuilds. Four realistic draft classes (2024-2027) and six fictional draft classes (2028-3033). The four realistic draft classes will have all real 450 players w/equipment and minor rating adjustments. The base ratings for every draft class will be whatever the computer spits out. The 6 fictional draft classes will have normalized equipment and more realistic player names.

The 2024 & 2025 draft classes are complete. I will start updating the prospect database for the 2026 class soon. This class will take longer to complete. My work has picked up and I am going through the process of buying a house. So there is not as much free time as I have had the last few weeks. I plan to finish the 2026 class by the end of November.

FYI, because I use a NFL scouting service, all classes after 2024 can get weird. Meaning this service will not put draft eligible Sophomores from 2026 in the 2025 draft class. For example, you will not see Quinshon Judkins (Ole Miss RB) in the 2025 class since he is technically in the 2026 class in order for me to have some semblance of player availability in all four classes. It’s better for my sanity to use the service’s class structure. Also, as we get into the 2026 & 2027 classes, player rankings get less and less accurate. So the player rankings in those classes are a complete guess. I mostly rely on the Madden-generated rankings with a few exceptions.

Draft Class Download Info

2024 Draft – Version: 3.0
Username – EggplantKitty80
Filename – KITTYS2024TEST.

Prospect Database Updated? – Completed
Prospects Edits Updated? – Completed (450/450)
Prospects Ranked? – Completed

2025 Draft – Version: 1.0
Username – EggplantKitty80
Filename – KITTYS2025REAL

Prospect Database Updated? – Completed
Prospects Edits Updated? – Completed (450/450)

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