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Madden 24 Broadcast Camera Mods - Yep, They Still Rule

Madden NFL 24

Madden 24 Broadcast Camera Mods - Yep, They Still Rule

We beat this drum every year, but we really do feel (like with NBA 2K) that playing from the broadcast view just makes the game better. It’s not really viable to play every sports game from the broadcast view at all times (hitting from that view in MLB The Show is obviously quite hard in most situations), but the way Madden looks even from its stock broadcast camera is so much more impressive than the behind the play look.

With that in mind, the Madden Modding Community always crushes it with the custom broadcast cameras over on their Discord, and they have begun releasing their camera mods for the new season. User m111 over on the Discord has released multiple different broadcast cameras that you can check out right now. They are under the m24-community-mods section, and you’ll see the m111 Camera Mod Depot area there.

There are dynamic and static mods, but the two I will showcase for the purposes of enticing you to check them out are two of the broadcast cam mods.

First up, here is the standard broadcast cam look:

And as for the view I prefer, here is the zoomed out broadcast view look:

So friggin’ good.

As I’ve said before, I do think Madden 24 on PC is the version to get now that it’s been updated for current-gen systems, especially if you’re interested in franchise mode and the NFL overall. The amount of tweaks to stadiums, jerseys, and so on is wonderful and will only get better as the season progresses. You obviously need a computer than can run Madden 24 as well, but that’s a given.

For the console folks out there, you can still use the stock broadcast camera the same way you have been able to do in the past. We’ve highlighted it multiple times, and the methodology really does not change much. The quickest way to play from that cam on offense in Madden is as follows (going by PlayStation controls):

  • Click L3 twice to activate the rotational zoom
  • Then hit square to call up an audible, but then just cancel out of the audible
  • From here, do whatever you need to during pre-play, and when you’re ready simply hit L3 twice again and the zoom will happen — no matter how long you scan around after activating the audible menu
  • For plays with motion, you can actually start the motion from the “behind the QB” view (by pressing X on PlayStation like normal), then as the motion gets close to finishing, you can hit L3 twice to have a nice zoomed out view of a play with motion.
  • On defense, you don’t really need these same tricks

As we always say, we wish EA would provide us with a better way to create a more “playable” broadcast view on consoles, but the one in the game does work well enough once you get used to doing it, and the PC modders are obviously crushing it as always. Also, thanks to OS user reverend_heat for posting about the camera mods on the forums.

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