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Legend Bowl Update Adds Audibles, Defensive Improvements & More

legend bowl audibles

Legend Bowl

Legend Bowl Update Adds Audibles, Defensive Improvements & More

The latest update for Legend Bowl has added audibles, defensive improvements and much more based off of feedback from the community. Players can now edit team information and settings, including team names, cities, stadiums, grass types, weather and more.

You can bring up the new Audible screens using the Y button (XBOX) or the “W” key and can cancel out of the audible by selecting the same button if you wish to keep your current play. Keep in mind, once you change your original play, there’s no getting it back. You will be left to choose any of the 4 audible plays, so be mindful when calling audibles.

Defenders were allowing big plays at times because they were stuck strafing for too long and not keeping up with assigned receivers. Now defenders will turn and keep up with the receivers much better and also play more intelligently to avoid those huge plays. They will also intercept and break up passes at a higher rate in this update.

Check out the blog for additional details and make sure to follow King Javo on Twitter for updates.

Here are the patch notes for the latest update. Of note, he recommends backing up your roster file to preserve your mods.

  • Offensive and Defensive audibles can now be called during the presnap sequence.
  • New Team Settings page now allows you to edit cities, names, stadium, grass, and more inside the game now.
  • Fixed longest pass stat popup showing passing yards as opposed to passing long stat.
  • Kickoff and kick return players now run based on play call direction (Left, Middle, Right).
  • CPU will auto skip if playclock is under 10 seconds to avoid delay of game due to huddle sequence taking too long.
  • Restructured team logos to be compiled inside of game to improve performance when not using custom rosters.
  • Fixed issue where players would move to incorrect locations during the scrimmage lining up phase after huddle.
  • Fixed issue when tapping sprint button when GASSED and still able to sprint.
  • Bumped up defensive coverages for more interceptions and pass break ups.
  • Screen plays now display as purple instead of same orange color to better distinguish between run and screen plays.
  • Team play calling stats have been revamped for more accurate stat tracking of plays called during a game.
  • Settings changed to normal difficulty by default now.
  • Miscellaneous bugs & fixes.

Legend Bowl is available as an Early Access game on Steam for $19.99.


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  1. Sausage
    Does this game allow player control or do input the strategies and allow the AI to play it out?

    Can you choose to do "coach mode"? Like call all the plays and let the AI control the players?
    Can you choose to do "coach mode"? Like call all the plays and let the AI control the players?

    No, but you can sim or watch the AI play against one another.
    I have to say kudos for this game. I added the NFL mod and Im totally immersed now.
    The only complaint is that there doesn't seem to be an in-game save. hopefully, you'll add that feature in a future update.

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