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Legend Bowl Beast Update Available Now - Patch Notes

legend bowl beast update 1

Legend Bowl

Legend Bowl Beast Update Available Now - Patch Notes

The Beast Update has arrived for Legend Bowl today featuring improvements across the board. Here are just some of the highlights:

  • All 32 teams have been fully upgraded with new team names, logos and end zone art
  • Stadiums and fields have been upgraded to show new shadows and field texture
  • New field art, most notably when playing in the post season
  • Added injuries. Injured players skill and fatigue will be negatively affected while playing injured
  • The CPU will auto sub injured players, you will have to substitute manually
  • Auto subs are in, based off stamina levels, bringing more depth to the game
  • Running game has been improved with more intelligent blocking. Runners will find the hole and follow blockers more effectively, including down the field blocking
  • You can change settings during a game, no longer need to quit the game for settings to save

legend bowl beast update

Here are the Legend Bowl patch notes. Of note, this update will clear out any existing custom rosters or saved data you may have added to the game. Make sure to follow King Javo on Twitter for all of the updates.

Gameplay Fixes & Improvements

  • NEW All 32 teams have been polished and upgraded with new logos and names. We are super pumped about this item and hope you love these as much as we do!
  • Performance has been greatly improved in this patch. The game had several memory leaks that would cause slow downs across the game. This was a huge undertaking and should vastly improve the stability.
  • NEW “Auto Subs” setting controls when players sub in and out based on stamina level percentages.
  • Tuned kicking for less out of bounds kickoffs and more realistic field goals.
  • Fixed issue where player skill ratings would be shown in decimals due to difficulty settings.
  • Bumped up fumble percentage when quarterbacks are tackled.
  • CPU AI has been given tuning to increase the amount of shorter yardage plays and avoid the high frequency of big plays.
  • Run blocking improved to open holes for the running back based on chosen play.
  • Teams now have base 3-4 or 4-3 defensive formations so depending on what team you play against the CPU will choose these base formations during play calls.
  • Blocking up field has been upgraded to give more protection when running the ball.
  • Rushing AI path finding improved to follow blockers and avoid tacklers.
  • Quarterback sacks have been tuned as QB’s would either throw the ball away or run 100% of the time and avoid sacks.
  • Fixed several bugs where wrong team gets ball or line of scrimmage incorrect during fumbles that go out of bounds.
  • Fixed issue where receivers would stop running after a catch and wait until user interacted. Receivers now move with ai logic until gamepad is pressed.
  • Ball carrier hurdles only work when tackler is diving close to ground now.
  • Fixed numerous issues where players would move to incorrect spots on field because of bug in movement ai code.
  • Throwing lofted passes are no longer penalized unless blue meter is less than 1%. It used to be 10% or less got heavily penalized. This means you can now throw more accurate soft touches passes and lead receivers without being penalized.
  • Passing when meter is red received an increase in accuracy penalty.
  • Fixed issue where WR, TE, HB, or FB that were blocking would be included in receiver progression list and showed receiver icon when they were blocking only.
  • Fixed player sprite issue where quarterback would have ball after dropping it when out of bounds at the end of play.
  • Fixed issue when playing training camp offense only mode and other team’s players showing on field.
  • Tuned stamina to work nicely alongside new auto substitution feature.
  • Fixed ball carrier running west sprite because ball was off centered from arm.
  • Fixed issue where ball carrier AI was incorrectly moving towards the closest defender instead of away from them.
  • NEW Referees now fall when colliding with players.
  • NEW Fall animations have been added when players get blocked and tackled.
  • Team timeouts now replenish when overtime starts.
  • Timeouts can now be called during extra point and 2 point conversion plays.
  • Fixed issue where defenders wouldn’t tackle ball carrier when in tackle range.
  • Fixed issue where sacks were being counted even though QB crossed line of scrimmage.
  • Roster files updated so player stamina rating now becomes max fatigue level when match starts minus any injury discounts of course.
  • NEW Play art now displays as players move to line of scrimmage instead of having to wait until players finish lining up.
  • NEW Defensive players can be cycled by holding down B button and using D-PAD or Left Stick during pre-play to more easily select players.
  • Fixed issue where defensive players would get stuck in strafe mode instead of run mode.
  • Team rosters have been updated to store team specific settings for each stadium.
  • NEW injuries have been added to the game for all game modes. In order to ensure you have enough players for each depth and not cap injuries to only available player spots, we’re allowing injured players to still play in games. Their skill and fatigue will be negatively affected while playing injured, but they can still play.
  • NEW injury animations have been added to the game showing players grabbing leg and moaning.
  • Players turn with rotation now based on agility rating vs flipping instantly when you move up/down or left/right.
  • Decreased lineman speed by 20 points globally across roster.
  • Fixed issue where defender would play conservatively on ball when near the opponent’s end zone, thus giving receiver an open catch for a TD.
  • Fixed issue where plays were being counted twice in team stats.
  • Fixed ball carrier stiff arm working in opposite direction of closes defender.
  • Bench players now face different directions and have helmets on or off randomly to look more authentic.
  • Miscellaneous bugs and fixes.

Art & Visual FX

  • NEW Steam achievements have been added to the game to give you achievements to unlock!
  • NEW screenshots can now be taken when pressing the key “C” any time while playing the game so you can show off the game to your friends online. Saves to your “C:\Users\YOUR NAME HERE\AppData\Local\legend_bowl” directory.
  • New splash screen has been added to give that wow factor… probably not! 🙂
  • Patch notes now on main menu that links you to the latest patch notes.
  • Player card UI can now be toggled on/off during replays.
  • Added more fans to the stadium.
  • Fixed camera shake issue when playing replays and camera rattles around when selected player bumps into other players.


  • NEW settings for field color, field type, dome, rain %, snow %, baseball field settings tied to team.
  • Quarter minutes have been widened to now allow setting quarter length between 1 and 15 minutes.
  • NEW setting to toggle camera shake on/off.
  • NEW play clock acceleration setting runs down play clock after choosing play to better simulate realistic quarter lengths.
  • NEW sounds added to game for a more realistic on-field experience.
  • NEW stadium setting allows user to select 1 of 6 stadiums or set them to be team specific. There are 3 new DOME stadiums and all stadiums have names now.
  • NEW injury setting to turn injuries on or off.
  • NEW footsteps sound setting to turn on/off all those taps running across the field.
  • NEW field color setting allows user to control which field color is shown during a game or you can set them to be team specific.
  • NEW field turf setting allows user to pick grass or turf field surfaces or you can set them to be team specific.
  • NEW baseball setting allows user to toggle baseball art on field or you can set them to be team specific.
  • NEW sim quarter length setting so allow user to control how many minutes simulated games should utilize for simulated season games.
  • Weather can now be set to TEAM and change depending on the home team’s location.

Season & Tournament Modes

  • Fixed issues with season mode coach not drawing correctly when flipping back and forth through menus
  • Weekly newspaper no longer changes text and images every time you look at it during the season.
  • New facility built notification popups when facility is finished being built.
  • Facilities now build after each week is completed.
  • Career mode is now called Season mode.
  • Sim engine improved to allow for more substitutions during simulated games which gives more realistic stats across team depth chart.
  • Fixed issue where last games of the week were not building weekly wrap-up news when you played or simmed them alone.
  • Facility team boosts have been added to simmed games.
  • Season schedules now select from 4 random schedule versions to provide more variety when playing multiple seasons.
  • Added sim game option to tournament user games.
  • Tournament team select now shows team rankings.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed crash when in season mode and you quit a game before finishing.
  • Fixed crash when playing as the same teams and checking the depth chart in game.
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